Greetings Volunteers,

Tis the season of busy schedules — enjoying time with family and friends, shopping, and celebrating. We are so grateful that you’re still finding the time to volunteer at the shelter, Kitty Corner, Thrift Shop, or foster during the hectic month of December :).

Shelter update: We currently have 193 animals in our care: 58 animals in foster and 135 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 24 dogs, 1 puppy, 53 cats, 19 kittens, 7 rabbits, 9 guinea pigs, 16 rodents, 3 reptiles, and 3 birds.

Adoptions update: It’s time to Empty the Shelters! Thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation, adoption fees for our adult dogs and cats will be just $50, December 1-11! Lots of sweeties eager to go home for the holidays. Here are just a handful of the animals who found their forever homes last week. Consider this the video equivalent of a warm hug on this chilly evening.

Volunteer High Five to Hiromi Lombardi! “Sixteen-year-old Hiromi Lombardi is a Behavior & Training volunteer dog training assistant in agility and family dog classes. When she isn’t attending school at Marin Catholic High School she can be found at Marin Humane working and playing with dogs! Hiromi recently competed with Savvy Thomason, (Agility Program Supervisor Annette Thomason’s dog), at an AKC Agility Trial in Santa Rosa. She also sometimes runs Dice Kovell in Ongoing agility classes. Hiromi is a rising star who can do it all! Expect amazing things from this talented young woman!” ~ Dawn Kovell & Annette Thomason, B&T

Marin Humane merch! Marin Humane sweatshirts are here! These zip-up comfy sweatshirts come in a variety of sizes in black, grey, and blue. They are located in the front lobby of the shelter. When buying your sweatshirt, remember to tell the staff you’re a volunteer, and you’ll get a 10% discount! If you’re looking to add a t-shirt to wear under your new sweatshirt, check out a full assortment of Marin Humane-branded merchandise on this site. And finally, if you need (or want!) and fun holiday sweater, get into the howl-i-day spirit while helping the animals at Marin Humane! Our Not-So-Ugly Holiday Sweater will make you the star of every party this season and the proceeds will support the shelter to boot. Click here to get yours today! And use the code VOLUNTEER for 10% off!

Speaking of the holidays, our pet food drive is still underway! If you missed Giving Tuesday and would like to help us make the holiday season merry and bright for families in our Pet Safety Net, our Pet Food Drive needs your help! The pantry that supports our Pet Safety Net is still looking bare and we most urgently need *CANS OF WET CAT FOOD.* This pet food pantry assists dog and cat guardians who need a little extra financial support during these tough times. Help with food costs can make the difference between an animal staying home where they belong and ending up in a shelter! If you’d like to help pet parents in need, there are a several easy ways to participate. Thank you for helping us keep beloved pets with their families this holiday season and all year round!

Tails of Marin: We usually focus on the happy stories here at the shelter, but there is also kindness to be found in some of our sadder encounters. Being able to provide a more peaceful and pain-free passing to wildlife that can’t be saved is a true kindness that we will always value, even when it hurts our hearts. Read this personal story here.

Stay warm and be well!