Greetings Volunteers,

In case you missed it, here’s a very sweet video on what happens every day at Marin Humane. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all our volunteers! You make our work possible every day. Enjoy this glimpse at just some of the lives made happy through your dedication and compassion ❤ .

Shelter update: We currently have 313 animals in our collective care. 238 are at Marin Humane: 72 animals in foster and 166 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 33 dogs, 6 puppies, 59 cats, 48 kittens, 6 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs, 2 goats, 5 reptiles, and 4 birds. 75 animals are with Hopalong: 7 animals are in the Oakland office and 68 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: It’s Wednesday! Hooray for (somewhat) cooler weather! We just about melted last week, so we’re extra grateful to everyone who braved the heat – and during a holiday week, no less – to adopt a new best friend. Thank you! Enjoy the adoption slideshow and Adoption Report with all the details!

Hopalong happenings! Volunteer High Five to Laurie Bernstein, Dani Clark, Joan Feldman-Isaksen, Rebecca Forth, Kathryn Littlepage and Jessica Viramontes! As Hopalong’s current Mobile Event Coordinators, these six wonderful volunteers take turns co-leading our dog mobile adoption events. We have a mobile adoption event almost every Saturday of the year, and they are entirely run by volunteers. We rely on our Coordinators to get our pups adopted, ensure adopters and the public have a positive experience, and last but certainly not least, to make sure our Dog Handler volunteers and the dogs they are handling are all safe and having a good time! It’s a tall order, and this team always delivers! In particular, we want to recognize our Coordinators for stepping up to help with even more events than usual this year! A big thank you to Laurie, Dani, Joan, Rebecca, Kathryn and Jessica from the whole Hopalong team!

Columbia Sportswear discount! Our Columbia Sportswear Employee Store Perk is here again! Here’s the Columbia Sportswear Store Summer Invitation, valid for employees and volunteers from July 5-July 28th! Here are some details: for store access, please provide your digital invite (printed or shown on your mobile device) + proof of affiliation; you can bring up to four additional guests with each visit; and, this offer is for store access (not valid online). Happy shopping!

Volunteer High Five to Dog Pet Pal Team Spirit! “I want to give a High Five to all the Dog Pet Pals who step up to cover shifts for their fellow DPPs when someone is out sick or on vacation! Just this week, one of our Dog Pet Pals wrote an email thanking his colleagues, starting this way: “Falling down an elevator shaft … and landing in a pool of mermaids! I was facing a brutal Wednesday evening, alone, and with a full walk board. But then the calvary arrived (excuse the mixed metaphors). Shout out to Ann Marie, Joann, Jane D, and our newest DPP, Beth W. Thank you all so very much. And because of your gracious help, I was able to get Frankie out for an extended walk to close out the shift.” Taking on an additional walking or enrichment shift happens on a regular basis among this group of volunteers. I am inspired by how committed they are to the shelter dogs and to supporting each other. Thank you, Dog Pet Pals. You all ROCK!! ~ Jane Aten, Shelter Canine Behavior Coordinator

Skunk rescue! When a startling stench in the backyard led a local resident to seek out the source, they never expected to find themselves saving the lives of two little skunks! Sadly, they found a deceased mother skunk with two babies in need of immediate help. They called our Animal Services department right away to get the skunks to safety.

Officer Sleight-Panizo headed out immediately and found the skunks freezing cold, starving, and covered in maggots. She cranked the heat in her trunk and wrapped them up to keep them cozy on the ride to WildCare, where they could receive urgent medical care. Then the WildCare team took over: “Doing what we call ‘active warming,’ WildCare’s Medical Staff used a rotation of gently microwaved towels, one after the other, facilitated by well-timed teamwork, to slowly bring the babies’ body temperatures up to normal before considering hydration or nutrition. Once the babies were stable, we knew we were nowhere near out of the woods, but we were on the right track and hoped that these babies would now have a chance to make it back out into the wild! The two Striped Skunk survivor siblings, a brother and sister, are currently recovering in a home care situation with one of WildCare’s most dedicated and knowledgeable team members.”
Thank you to WildCare for the lovely “after” photo of the recovering babies. ❤ If you find a wild animal in distress – cold, crying, covered in blood or bugs, caught by a domestic cat or dog, or coming towards you – call our Animal Services line right away for support at 415-883-4621.

San Quentin Pen Pal update: A couple months ago, we shared Jax, a sweet pup who spent time at San Quentin. A few of his favorite activities were cuddling in bed to watch TV with his handler, learning lots of new tricks and commands, trying his paw at scenting classes, and basking in the sunshine. But as much as he thrived in the Pen Pals program, thanks to his lovely handler, we’re thrilled to share that he found his forever home! Jax is a classic example of a dog who might have deteriorated during a long stay in the shelter because he had so much energy and wasn’t a big fan of other dogs. Our Pen Pals program was the perfect place for him to get lots of attention and training without a lot of other dogs around to stress him out. And thanks to that, he was able to grow into his best self and find the perfect adopters! Once again, we’re so grateful to the handlers for giving their time, energy, and love to shelter dogs in need!

Make a plan! If you become unable to care for your pets, responsibility for them could become a burden for friends or family. It’s comforting to know there’s a solution! Our Legacy Society members may enroll their pets in our Guardians Program, and if they become incapacitated or die during their pets’ lifetime, we will care for their beloved companions and find them a new forever home. Planning for your cherished pets is an act of devotion that can bring peace of mind, knowing you have a plan in place. Contact Nan Zimmerman at 415-506-6233 or email with any questions. Learn more here.

Tails of Marin: I know we’ve posted about this many times, but it bears repeating: just say no to glue traps! This week’s Tails of Marin article, written by our friends at WildCare, states “Although they may be inexpensive, and their cheerful packaging proclaims these traps to be ‘safe,’ ‘clean’ and ‘nontoxic,’ nothing could be farther from the truth. Glue traps are actually one of the most cruel and inhumane pest control products on the market. They should never be used under any circumstance for any reason. Read the full article, Glue traps are cruel and inhumane.

Stay cool and have a fantastic week!