Greetings volunteers!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my nine year work anniversary at Marin Humane! And, it got me to thinking that you all might like to know that many volunteers are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year. Check out this list of volunteers with milestone anniversaries in 2022! Whether you’ve been a volunteer for a few months or a few decades, thank you! We couldn’t do the daily work of caring for animals and serving our community without you. You are appreciated!!

Shelter update: We currently have 224 animals in our care: 82 animals in foster and 142 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 36 dogs, 4 puppies, 34 cats, 29 kittens, 15 rabbits, 12 guinea pigs, 5 reptiles, 5 birds, and 2 fowl. 

Adoptions update: We hope everyone is having an excellent week so far! We know that a bunch of pets are having a great week because we had a great week of adoptions! We send our gratitude to all the adopters who gave one of our animals the forever homes they deserve. Don’t forget to tell all your friends that this is the final week of fee-waived adoptions for every adult animal in the shelter! No matter the species, if they’re 5 months of up, their fee is waived for the rest of July. Bring on the smiles, here’s the adoption slideshow! And for more info on who was adopted, here’s the Adoption Report.

Volunteer High Five to Shawn Rossiter! “I’d like to give a Volunteer High to Shawn Rossiter! Shawn is our Wednesday morning greeter. If you’ve had the good fortune to meet Shawn, you know she is super friendly, loves to be helpful and engage our guests, and tries to find an answer to any question posed by the public. She is so empathetic and listens to any story the public shares about their companion animal, including heart-aches and funny episodes. A member of the public who was entering the shelter recently said, ‘Wow, I’ve never felt so welcomed anywhere!’ Shawn exemplifies all of Marin Humane’s core values. We’re lucky to have her as a volunteer!” ~ Candace

Tennis balls needed! Somehow, we’re almost completely out of tennis balls! Hard to believe, I know, but I kid you not! If you have any tennis balls you’re no longer using, please drop them off in the donation bins in the front of the shelter. Woof woof and thanks from the shelter dogs :).

Prop. 26: Marin Humane has advocated for all animals since it was founded in 1907. Our position and policy statements guide all of our work, from opposing the use of rodenticides to promoting coexistence with wildlife, opposing slaughter in Marin, and working to end the use of exotic animals for entertainment.

The Marin Humane Advocacy Committee is composed of nationally known and connected animal advocates who use education, legislation, and persuasion to create a humane world for every animal. The Advocacy Committee recently updated staff about why Marin Humane and other animal groups are concerned about Prop. 26 which is on the upcoming ballot. The CalAnimals Board of Directors recently voted to oppose Proposition 26 and are asking you to join us and a growing contingent of animal welfare organizations including San Diego Humane Society, spcaLA, San Francisco SPCA, and NACA in the opposition coalition, as well. Proposition 26 authorizes certain privately-owned horse race tracks in Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties to offer sports wagering. The horse racing industry has been problematic from an animal welfare perspective and really needs to sort itself out. What Prop 26 will do is create an influx of revenue that is not related to racing, thus artificially sustaining these tracks and even requiring horses to be run at least every 18 months in order to keep the tracks open for this other gambling to take place. To learn more and join the opposition coalition, please visit this site.

Community Clinic this Saturday! We’ll be hosting our next Community Clinic for pet guardians in need this Saturday, July 30th at West Marin School in Pt. Reyes Station from 12-1:30pm. This clinic provides FREE vaccinations, vet checks, flea meds, microchips, pet food, and more for your dog or cat, courtesy of our Pet Safety Net program. Thank you so much to Petco Love for supplying us with crucial vaccines for this event. 

Tails of Marin: It’s now common — and depressing — knowledge that our region faces wildfire risk every year. But a great way to feel empowered in the face of uncertainty and threat is to make sure you and your family, including your pets, are well-prepared for disasters. Read this week’s Tails of Marin for some excellent tips to be disaster-ready!

Avian flu update: As of last week, the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has been detected in birds in California. While the virus hasn’t yet been detected in Marin County, we’re anticipating the virus will continue to spread. This virus is lethal to many species (though it is not considered a danger to people) and highly contagious. Luckily, there are steps people can take to help stop the spread amongst wildlife and also keep their domestic birds safe. Take down any birdfeeders and bird baths in your yard to prevent the spread amongst wild birds. If you keep domestic outdoor birds like chickens and ducks, take extra precautions. Implement a “flockdown” and keep a set of clothes and a pair of shoes that you use ONLY for caring for your birds. Limit who has access to your flocks, and keep your birds in a covered coop/run if you’re able. You can find more information on how to safely handle a wild bird in need of rescue from our friends at WildCare.

Hope you have a terrific week. And, thank you for making a more humane world for all animals!