Greetings Volunteers,

Did you know that we’re in the midst of Rabbit Awareness Week?! This year, it takes place from June 24 to July 1. The week-long event was established to raise awareness about rabbits, sometimes considered ‘forgotten pets.’ It is an annual event aiming to educate rabbit owners on how to properly look after them. So, if you’d like to foster a rabbit and learn what great pets they are, contact Foster Care Coordinator Suzanne Gollin at Or better yet, check out all the sweet buns available for adoption here, including these three cuties (I mean those noses, those ears, who can resist?)!

Shelter update: We currently have 318 animals in our collective care. 228 are at Marin Humane: 96 animals in foster and 132 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 26 dogs, 6 puppies, 61 cats, 14 kittens, 7 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 6 reptiles, and 6 birds. 90 animals are with Hopalong: 20 animals are in the Oakland office and 96 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: it’s slideshow time! Check out some of last week’s adoptions for a little smile. Here, too, is the Adoption Report with all the details!

Hopalong Happenings! Check out these three adorable shepherd puppies, who are some of our most recent adoptions!  As you can see, Willow makes a perfect pair with her adopter, and Potato and Spud also found their forever families at our mobile adoption event this past Saturday in Novato! Since the Hopalong Foster Program only had a few pups going to our Novato mobile adoption event, we were able to have a nice big group of puppies and adult dogs come join us from Marin Humane’s campus. The more, the merrier! Especially when it resulted in even more adoptions, like for big, gorgeous adult pup Tennessee!

When school’s out, dog classes are in! Whether you’re looking to start your puppy off on the right paw, or you’re hoping to refine your dog’s skills, we have a class for you. From basic obedience to advanced dog sports, our expert trainers will help you and your dog succeed. Lots of fun classes to choose from; check them out here!

Volunteer High Five to Saffell Sproul! Saffell is another new member of our awesome Dog Pet Pal team, joining Marin Humane just a few months ago. But, golly, he is “all in!” In addition to joining the notoriously hard-to-full Sunday PM shift, he also comes to the shelter on additional days to work with our trainer, Sara, to learn about behavior modification techniques and game plans for some of our most challenging dogs. His eagerness to learn all he can from our training staff helps him help the shelter dogs! Thank you, Saffell, your motivation to learn and grow your repertoire of dog training skills is so appreciated!” ~ Jane Aten, Shelter Canine Behavior Coordinator

Tails of Marin: More and more, people are keeping their cats safe by making them indoor-only cats. Precious kitty lives are saved from getting hit by cars, being attacked by other animals, and becoming lost simply by keeping them inside. You’re also saving countless birds and other small animals when your cat’s prey is merely a wand toy. But let’s face it, cleaning the litter box is no fun. And if your cat is “thinking outside the box,” it’s even worse. The No. 1 reason people surrender cats is because of litter box issues. The good news is, there’s help! Read this week’s Tails of Marin article to help figure out why your cat isn’t using the litter box, “Is your cat thinking outside the litter box?”

B&Tea Blog: Volunteer and wonderful write Neil Lurssen recently pondered the question, “can dogs tell time?” I think any pet owner can confirm with a resounding “yes!” But how, Neil wonders inRhythm and Blues – Doggie Style.” Enjoy!

San Quentin Pen Pal update:  Here’s another update on our Pen Pals program at San Quentin Rehabilitation Center, which matches specially-selected inmates who work in the center’s firehouse with shelter dogs in need of a little extra TLC. One thing about this program that might come as a surprise to a lot of prople is that not every handler started out as a dog lover! One of our handlers, Hernandez, never had a dog growing up, never had any good friends with dogs, and had even been bitten by a dog at one point in his life. You wouldn’t guess that he’d be an enthusiastic member of the program but he agreed to give it a go on one condition: no big dogs, please!

Now, if you’ve been following our page of available dogs for a while, you’ve probably noticed something. Yep – we mostly have big dogs! But when a mellow, cuddly Olde English Bulldog named Sofia came to our shelter, we realized she might be just the ticket to convince Hernandez that big dogs can be awesome, too. As soon as Sofia hopped out of the van, Hernandez said, “That’s not a small dog!” But he agreed to take her for a walk and see how it went. He very gingerly took the leash and started walking around the back of the building. After not even a full loop, he came back with a smile and said, “She’s perfect!” Since then, Hernandez has cared for multiple dogs – all of them big! His most recent companion in the program is Jazzy, a Husky-Pittie mix. Jazzy was paired with Hernandez on a Tuesday, and when our Pen Pals program manager Chad arrived on a Thursday, Hernandez was there to greet him. Worried that it meant a complaint was coming, Chad was pleasantly surprised to hear Hernandez say, “I freaking love this dog!!” Safe to say, we’ve sold Hernandez on dogs in a general, and especially on the joy of big dogs. ❤
Hope you’re staying cool and enjoying the summer so far!