Greetings Volunteers,

From time to time, we ask for your support with a few shelter items in great need. This week, there are two shelter needs: the first request is for paper grocery bags. Why do we need these? Well, every week our Pet Care Assistance staff put together pet food & supplies that’ll be delivered to our clients, and we need paper bags for these deliveries. If you have any spare grocery bags (no plastic, please) you can drop them off at the shelter. The second request is an easy way to help our shelter rabbits! We’re currently caring for a lot of bunnies, and many of those buns are in foster homes. We frequently use x-pens to create spacious, customized enclosures for our foster rabbits – and we could use more! Right now, we’re in need of more 30″ and 36″ coated x-pens with gates, plus some non-slip mats to go beneath them. If you’d like to help out, you can purchase these from our Amazon wish list and they’ll be shipped straight to our door. Our bunnies would be oh-so-grateful. 

Shelter update: We currently have 127 animals in our care: 58 animals in foster and 69 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 32 dogs, 22 cats, 2 kittens, 4 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs, 4 reptiles, and 2 fowl. 

Adoptions update: I know we say this almost every week, but we had another great week of adoptions, especially because a few of our long-term residents found their new homes! Yippee!! We think the adoption slideshow will give your day a little boost! Once again, we thank all the adopters for giving these deserving animals their second chance! Enjoy the Adoption Report with all the details.

Volunteer High Five to the Dog Pet Pals! “Marin Humane is so fortunate to have a group of skilled and dedicated volunteers called Extra Care Dog Pet Pals. This special group of Dog Pet Pals (DPPs) walks the canine shelter residents every day of the week, as early as 8am when it’s cold & frosty, and as late as 7pm when the sun goes down and it gets chilly again. In addition to all the exercise and affection the DPPs give the shelter dogs every day, they also offer enrichment mid-day to ensure our doggos stay engaged, comfortable, and settled while awaiting their forever home. 

The reason they are called Extra Care Dog Pet Pal volunteers is because they have received extensive (and ongoing) training to work with the more behaviorally-challenging dogs in the shelter. The staff, from B&T, Animal Care, to Adoptions, appreciates all their hard work, love and attention! This special crew of volunteers also excels at supporting each other. When someone’s out, they cover each other’s shifts. When someone finds a trick that makes a dog easier to work with, they share it with the group. Thank you, Extra Care DPPs, for your time, talents, and big hearts!” ~ Jane & Virginia, Behavior & Training

Happy ending: Remember Ozzy, the handsome shepherd mix who was adopted a month ago? Well, it’s safe to say he’s settled into his new life with his new sidekick. From his adopters: “We had a great RV trip to Santa Cruz with Ozzy! He did fantastic with everyone, including the kids and all the dogs! We expected him to be a little overwhelmed being in the RV and also being in a new place but he didn’t skip a beat! We also went to a dog beach and after a little while of Kayla running around and Ozzy seeming to have a good time on the leash, we decided to let him run around with her (and all the other dogs) and he did really great! It was SO fun watching HIM have so much fun!! It was the highlight of the entire trip! While I’m writing this I just got this pic of Kayla and Ozzy on the chair watching out the front window.” So nice to see that Ozzy is living his best life!

Tails of Marin: For more than 30 years, Marin Humane has trained dog and guardian pairs to serve as animal-assisted therapy teams. These teams of guardians and pets visit people in myriad settings. From visiting patients in hospitals to 911 operators at emergency dispatch centers to stressed students at schools during finals, these duos bring comfort and joy to those who need it. In “Animal-Assisted Therapy Teams Bring Joy & Comfort,” you’ll read about this truly amazing program and some of their recent visits.

Summer camp update: From our Humane Education team: “We’re hoping to hold summer camp this year but due to staffing shortages, we’re not able to announce plans yet. We understand this makes summer planning difficult and we hope to have an update soon. Thanks for your patience. For questions regarding your camp registration, email or call 415.506.6288 and leave a message.”

Pet first aid: Even a little bit of knowledge could be enough to save your pet’s life in an emergency! If you’re a pet owner who wants to be prepared for anything, don’t miss our Pet First Aid & CPR workshop on Saturday, March 26. Peter Pay, an American Safety & Health Institute certified instructor, will be teaching basic pet first aid, CPR training, rescue breathing, restraint and muzzling, choking management, poison response, and more at this hands-on training. Your pets will thank you! Click here to get more details and save your spot.

Have a terrific week,