Greetings Volunteers,

Hope you can join the fun at the Volunteer Appreciation Party on Saturday, April 23rd at 2pm. If you missed yesterday’s email, here’s the 2022 Volunteer Party Invitation. RSVP to Look forward to toasting YOU :).

Shelter update: We currently have 158 animals in our care: 76 animals in foster and 82 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 20 dogs, 6 puppies, 28 cats, 4 kittens, 8 rabbits, 9 guinea pigs, 3 rodents, 1 reptile, 1 bird and 2 fowl. 

Adoptions update: This week’s adoption slideshow is extra packed and extra cute as we celebrated a LOT of awesome matches last week. Even with all these adoptions, we still have so many animals waiting for their forever family to come along! Check out our kitties, puppers, buns, and more here! Enjoy the detailed Adoption Report, too.

Happy ending! If you ever questioned the power of a microchip, here’s your proof that they truly are life-changing! Kirby went missing from his home in downtown Novato way back in 2016. His guardian, Richie, was heartbroken, and despite posting flyers and scouring the neighborhood, there were no signs of poor Kirby. Months passed and Richie sadly assumed that Kirby was gone forever. Fast forward to last week, when a Good Samaritan brought a senior orange tabby to our shelter after finding him as a stray. A quick scan brought up Kirby’s microchip information and we were able to give Richie the surprise of his life when we called to tell him his cat was waiting for him at Marin Humane! Richie rushed down to the shelter where he and Kirby enjoyed a sweet and touching reunion. Then Richie took Kirby home to be reunited with his brother, Ninja! We hear Kirby is settling back into his old life nicely and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the whole family. Hooray for the magic of

Columbia Sportswear discount! Marin Humane employees and volunteers have exclusive access the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store from April 8th – May 1st only! Check out all the details in this Columbia Sportswear Store Spring Invitation. Happy shopping!

Another benefit to volunteering! Do you have a companion animal and shop at Pet Food Express? If so, Pet Food Express has extended their Pet Superhero Discount Program to all Marin Humane staff & volunteers. The Pet Superhero discount cards are available in baskets in the pavilion and adoption hallway as well as in the tray outside the volunteer office in the Whittell building. Once you get your card, be sure to register it on the PFE site here.

Tails of Marin: This week’s Tails of Marin is part two of our little series on off-leash dogs. “Keep everyone safe when your dog is off-leash” offers some additional good tips to have your dog be a good canine citizen with excellent off-leash manners. If you need a refresher, consider taking a dog training class at Marin Humane (or one of our offsite locations)!

Volunteer Blog: Did you know that you can read past issues of the Volunteer Blog any time you want? Well, lucky for you, the Volunteer Blog lives on the Volunteer webpage, just look in the left-hand column for the link to all the recent issues.

Have a wonderful week!