Greetings Volunteers,

We have some very pig news! It’s the most wheek-erful time of the year: Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month! Really, it’s kind of a pig deal; we’re even waiving adoption fees for all our GPs, all month long!

A special shout out to our Guinea Pig volunteers! These kind folks spend hours socializing our sweet, small critters every week giving them some TLC and getting them ready to find their new homes! Thank you Aki, Christine M., Christine M-D, Geydy, Heidi, Kathleen, Kristan, Maddie, McKenzie, Melinda, Nancy F, Nancy J, Peggy, Porschia, and Theresa!

Shelter update: We currently have 188 animals in our collective care. 139 are at Marin Humane: 44 animals in foster and 95 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 13 dogs, 12 puppies, 48 cats, 3 kittens, 7 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs, 5 reptiles, and 3 birds. 49 animals are with Hopalong: 5 animals are in the Oakland office and 44 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: Another amazing week in the books! Happy trails and happy tails to all the animals who found their forever homes last week! 🥰 Plus an extra special thank you to all the adopters for choosing to adopt, not shop. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for all week … the adoption slideshow! Here are more details on who went to their new homes: the Adoption Report.

Hopalong happenings! This sweet mom and her two babies were dumped outside the Oakland Animal Shelter (OAS), and have now fully blossomed! Rose, Dorothy and Sophia, who are aptly named after the Golden Girls, have done beautifully in their foster homes and are getting ready for adoption! OAS will often see purebreds passing through their doors, many of whom are used for breeding purposes. Since the Hopalong Foster Program office is right around the corner, we often get called right as puppies are arriving at OAS to come and pick them up, if possible. Lots of puppies definitely leads to a lot of cuteville each week! 

Volunteer High Five to Leanne Wolfson! A huge High Five to Leanne Wolfson for going above and beyond today! We had two cats that needed to come back to the shelter for medical reasons. Then we had an adult pair that were ready to go to Kitty Corner. This pair needed one of our portal condos (big boys!), but those two condos were being occupied by some adorable kittens. Leanne was more than willing to move these kittens to different condos, get them all set up AND then fully clean/sanitize all THREE condos by herself for the new arrivals! Leanne is ALWAYS willing to do additional tasks (transporting felines to KC almost every week from the main shelter), never complains and always with a smile. Leanne is such an amazing Marin Humane volunteer and a true asset to Kitty Corner. Thank  you Leanne – for all that you do for us and our feline friends!” ~ Ruthie and Catherine, Adoption Supervisor/Adoption Manager

RSVP for the Workshop! We’re excited to offer the Animal Decisions/Outcomes Workshop on Tuesday, March 19th from 4:00-5:30pm. This is a “must” session for  volunteers, particularly those interested in what goes into our decision-making process with animals under our care and how we decide if an animal goes up for adoption vs transfer out, foster, or euthanasia. This workshop will be presented virtually on Zoom. If you’d like to attend, please email me at and I will send you the link!

San Quentin Update! Welcome to another San Quentin update! Each week, we celebrate our Pen Pals program, which pairs dogs in need of extra TLC with specially selected inmates working in the prison’s firehouse. Today, we’d like to give three cheers for recent Pen Pals “grad,” Hula, who found her forever home earlier this week. Her adopter raved about how well-trained she was, and how many special tricks she knew. He said he couldn’t believe a dog with such thorough training was still available for adoption! Well, that training is thanks to the handlers at San Quentin who worked so hard with Hula! Thanks to their dedication, Hula’s gone into her new home with a lengthy repertoire of commands and talents. All of the handlers spend hours and hours of one-on-one time with their dogs, setting them up for success in their new homes. Thank you, Pen Pals handlers!!

Tails of Marin: In this week’s Tails of Marin article, our friends at WildCare remind us to “Keep an eye out for baby wildlife.”

Lights, camera, action! A few weeks ago, our local CBS affiliate came to film our Animal Ambassadors (and awesome volunteers) at the Mill Valley Library. The story ran last week locally on KPIX TV and was then picked up by the national network to run on CBS Evening News over the weekend! It’s a great story and our volunteers (and their dogs) couldn’t have been more perfect. (P.S. We’re aware the anchor flubbed our website :).

Humane Summer Camp Interns needed! Our new Humane Summer Camp Internship is a great opportunity for teens age 15-18 looking to gain experience with children and animals! As an Intern, participants will assist our camp staff in leading engaging week-long (Monday-Thursday) sessions of Humane Summer Camp. Interns act as role models as they guide campers in crafts and games, engage campers in lessons, and assist with animal guests. This internship is for teens who enjoy working with children and animals, are good team players, and are interested in learning about Humane Education and gaining leadership skills. This position requires at least a two-week commitment interning with our camp groups of children ages 7-12, see session dates above. There will be an interview process and mandatory orientation dates scheduled before camp starts, along with weekly coaching sessions. This program is designed to give teens the opportunity to learn more than just the skills to fulfill the job. It can be completed as a volunteer for community service hours or there is an optional stipend. If you know of someone interested in being a summer camp intern this season, please have them apply by April 15th here.

Have a wonderful week, and here’s hoping we get some sunshine soon!