Greetings Volunteers,

Get ready for the first-ever California Adopt-a-Pet Day on June 1st! We’re wagging our tails in excitement to be part of this statewide event, featuring over 150 shelters from all corners of California. Thanks to CalAnimals and the ASPCA, you can adopt any furry, feathery, or scaly friend for free! Every cat and dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Find your perfect pet and help give our adorable animals the loving homes they deserve! Spread the word!

Shelter update: We currently have 309 animals in our collective care. 226 are at Marin Humane: 97 animals in foster and 129 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 20 dogs, 9 puppies, 61 cats, 11 kittens, 13 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 9 reptiles, and 4 birds. 83 animals are with Hopalong: 5 animals are in the Oakland office and 78 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: We’ve had lots of cuteness in the adoption department! Take a gander at this adoption slideshow, sure to bring a smile to your face this week! Congrats to all the adopters … and thanks for choosing to adopt, not shop! Check out the Adoption Report to see all the happy families!

Hopalong happenings! Kitten season is upon us, and there’s never a dull moment when you’ve got dozens of kittens scattered all across the Bay Area in foster homes! The Hopalong team has been enjoying seeing familiar faces (and making new friends) when fosters arrive at our office for kitten pick-ups, drop-offs, and check-ups. We’re fortunate to have a broad network of kitten fosters who offer a cozy place for kittens to grow until they are large enough to get spayed or  neutered and go out into the world seeking adoptive homes of their own. We’re also counting ourselves fortunate to have great support here in the Oakland office, where we’ve got a wonderful group of cat care volunteers who come in weekly to make sure the kitties are well cared for during their time here. Keeping up with all the kitten toes and tails and hungry mouths is no small task, but thanks to our cat fosters and volunteers, we’re up for it!

Volunteer High Five to Cathy Levine!Did you know we offer special enrichment to the shelter dogs and cats every day? Well, we do, or I should saw, our volunteers make this happen every day! One particular Dog Kennel Enrichment volunteer, Cathy Levine, goes above and beyond! She not only has two shifts, she also comes in on other days to make sure all the enrichment supplies are made, frozen and ready to distribute. Cathy makes all the special diet items needed for the dogs. She chats with the animal care staff to find out if there are any particularly “stressed out” dogs and she’ll make special boxes with enrichment treats to engage them for longer. Cathy will go out of her way to go to Costco to rummage through all the boxes to find just the right ones for the shelter dogs! Now, that’s commitment to your volunteer job! The animal care staff frequently comment on how much they appreciate Cathy and find it so gratifying to watch the dogs enjoy their enrichment items and de-stress in their kennel before nap time . Thank you, Cathy, for your amazing efforts on behalf of the shelter dogs. You are truly making a difference to the dogs and the staff!” ~ Kyle Dunlop, Adoption Supervisor

B&Tea Blog: Looking for a fun, but very helpful article? Check out Kim Bromley’s latest B&Tea blog post: Hair Balls and Assorted Hazards.” 

Change lives – with pet food! Our pet food pantry is a crucial part of our Pet Safety Net program, which supports hundreds of Marin residents struggling to feed their pets or pay for veterinary care. All it takes is a few clicks and the food will be sent straight to the shelter. Check out our Amazon Wish List or our Chewy Wish List to support the pet food pantry! Looking for pet care assistance in the Bay Area beyond the services offered through the Pet Safety Net program? Our new Pet Safety Net Guide provides additional resources to pet parents including veterinary care, pet food, behavior, and much more. It’s a lifeline for thriving together through challenges.

Tails of Marin: In this week’s Tails of Marin article, Lisa Bloch cautions us all: “Don’t put off dental care for your pet.”

Volunteer High Five for Rabbit Transporters! “Marin Humane has been working with a household who originally had a few unaltered rabbits, and now have over 100 rabbits! We’re partnering with House Rabbit Society, a non-profit organization based in Richmond, who offered to spay/neuter many of the rabbits. So, we called upon our Animal Transporters to take van-loads of rabbits to House Rabbit Society in Richmond. In addition, our Animal Transporters have stepped-up to take (altered) bunnies to other shelters and rescues throughout the Bay Area and beyond, including Rohnert Park, Sacramento, Solano, and Stockton! We’d like to thank Rainey Sarmiento, Brock Phillips, Tim Blofeld and Linda Futrell for helping transport rabbits on a moment’s notice! We sure appreciate your help on this special case!” ~ Kyle Dunlop, Adoption Supervisor

Strand up for the Tule Elk of Point Reyes! In recent years, the beloved herd of Tule Elk at the Point Reyes National Seashore has faced suffering and starvation during times of drought due to fencing that prevents them from being able to reach water and food sources. Please add your voice by June 5 in support of a plan to permanently remove this fencing! The National Park Service is asking for public comment on three versions of a new management plan. Please join us in urging them to adopt “Alternative B,” which would permanently remove the fencing that keeps the herd from finding water sources in times of drought.

Pawsitive outcomes: Three puppies who recently came through our doors unfortunately tested positive for Parvo, a serious and deadly disease. Our veterinary team jumped into action, treating them immediately using a new monoclonal antibody treatment. Sadly, one puppy didn’t make it, but the other two had speedy and near-miraculous recoveries. This new medicine is a game-changer, shortening illness time and reducing contagion. It’s expensive but definitely worth it. Read more here. We are grateful to the staff, volunteers, and donors; your support truly helps us save lives!

Thank you for reading this post! Have a great week!