Greetings Volunteers,

Yesterday was International Hug Your Cat Day! While you may already be lavishing attention on your kitty, Hug Your Cat Day is a reminder to pamper your feline friends and to swoop them up for a little extra love :). It’s kitten season, and I’m sure these recently adopted kittens will get oodles of love and pampering!

Shelter update: We currently have 360 animals in our collective care. 210 are at Marin Humane: 91 animals in foster and 119 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 19 dogs, 4 puppies, 53 cats, 13 kittens, 16 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 65rodents, 1 reptile, and 1 fowl. 150 animals are with Hopalong: 6 animals in the Oakland office and 144 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: It was another great week of adoptions! From turtles to tiny kittens, it was so sweet to see so many animals going home. We still have lots of special pals of all species waiting for their forever homes, so check them out on our website. And if you’re in the mood to get the full scoop on who found their new homes, here’s the Adoption Report.

Hopalong happenings! Hopalong’s window watchers were rewarded this past week when we could finally clearly see the hummingbirds who hatched outside our window earlier this spring! As you can see, they are adorable and fully feathered, and they wasted no time at all in fluttering out into the world! While we’ll miss their company, we’re hoping the nest will be used again in the future. In the meantime, we’re content to cuddle the kittens and puppies here at the office. If you’d like to join us, just let us know! There’s plenty of cuteness to go around and we’d love to have your help here in Oakland!

Tails of Marin – Animal Advocacy Day: Here is this week’s Tails of Marin column, Keeping California at the forefront of animal welfare, all about Animal Advocacy Day and four important bills making their way through state government. As always, if you agree with Marin Humane’s positions, please make your voice heard by contacting your state representatives and telling them to vote YES on all of them. Not sure who your state reps are? You can find out here. Thank you to our team for representing the interests of animals and their guardians at the capitol, and thank you to everyone working to support these bills!

Help our Pet Safety Net pet pantry! We urgently need donations to our empty pet food pantry! Our Pet Safety Net pantry helps us feed pets in need all around Marin County. With one of our free community clinics approaching and our supplies running critically low, we would love to stock up and fill the shelves ASAP. If you can help us out, please check out our Amazon wish list. Purchases can be sent directly to the shelter (you’ll find our “Registry address” in your list of available addresses when you check out through Amazon). Don’t use Amazon? No problem! We have a wish list on Chewy, too. Thank you so much for your help! (P.S., we could also use grocery bags, which we use to pack food for delivery to our Pet Care Assistance clients. We’ll take whatever you’ve got; you can just drop them off in the donation bin in front of the shelter. Thanks!)

Pet calendar photo contest: These are just a few of the winners from last year’s Calendar Photo Contest! You still have time to enter this year’s contest, which runs through June 20th. Even if you aren’t entering, you can still vote for your favorites! Have a look at who’s in the running and cast your vote (or votes! you can vote as many times as you like) for the cutest of the cuties. Top vote-getters will be featured on the cover or as one of the pets of the month throughout the year, and all entrants will be included on the collage pages. Every dollar from your submission and the votes provides much-needed funding to our shelter, so it’s equal parts feel good and do good! Enter your pet or cast your votes here.

Happy (almost) June!