Greetings Volunteers,

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Treating animals well can take many forms — from rescuing a lost dog to teaching a child to care for the family pet to making one’s voice heard at the ballot box on animal welfare issues. Be Kind to Animals Week began on May 5 and while we believe kindness to animals should happen every day, it does provide an opportunity for us to reflect on our connection to these wonderful creatures with whom we share our homes, our community, and the world. Be Kind to Animals Week was started over 100 years ago in an effort to safeguard the lives of domestic and wild animals, and to show kindness to animals, anywhere, anytime. A few weeks ago, our marketing and communications director Lisa Bloch wrote this piece,” 7 ways to celebrate Be Kind to Animals week.” Enjoy!

Shelter update: We currently have 279 animals in our collective care. 187 are at Marin Humane: 61 animals in foster and 126 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 25 dogs, 11 puppies, 45 cats, 2 kittens, 25 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 6 reptiles, 4 birds, and 2 fowl. 92 animals are with Hopalong: 12 animals are in the Oakland office and 88 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday and welcome to another adoption slideshow! Thank you to all of last week’s adopters! And don’t forget to check out this Adoption Report to see all the happy matches!

Hopalong happenings! Hopalong’s kittens are flying off the shelves at our adoption sites at Woodlands Pet Food & Treats stores in Marin. No surprise there! It’s exciting and fun to see adorable kittens again in the spring, and we’re delighted to see them adopted so quickly! Especially after all the work our fosters, volunteers, and staff dedicate to getting them ready for those forever homes. But we’d be remiss not to mention that we’ve also got some lovely adult cats who are just as deserving of a wonderful home! Look no further than gorgeous Sir Reginald! He’s a handsome and sweet boy who’s looking for a quiet home. If kittens aren’t quite your speed, you might enjoy winning Sir Reginald over with your calm and gentle approach instead. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who’d like to get lost in those gorgeous eyes?

Happy ending! Talk about a paw-fect ending! If you’ve been following the journey of Pupperoni, the adorable stray found under the Round Table Pizza in Novato, boy, do we ever have a fun adoption story for you…

After we shared Pupperoni’s story on our social media, word spread to the folks at FAT Brands, Round Table’s parent company. That’s how he caught the eye of Jessica Wiederhorn, President of the FAT Brands Foundation, the company’s charitable arm – and she knew right away that she had to have Pupperoni in her family! Jessica and her husband are major dog lovers so Pupperoni is joining their current canine companions, Fritz the German Shepherd and Guster the senior Chihuahua. They adopted Pupperoni (who got a wee name change to Pepperoni) last week, and, in an incredible display of generosity, donated $10,000 from their foundation to support Marin Humane! Then, to top it all off, they hosted an awesome pizza party for our staff at the local Round Table where Pepperoni’s journey began. We’re thrilled for our little buddy and so grateful for the donation! Pepperoni will now be living in Beverly Hills and you can follow his adventures on Instagram at the handle @gusterandpepperoni.

San Quentin Pen Pal update: We’re delighted to return to sharing stories from our Pen Pals program at San Quentin prison, which matches specially-selected inmates who work in the prison firehouse with shelter dogs in need of a little extra TLC. Today we’re feeling a little emotional because our marketing team received the sweetest card from the inmates currently working in the program. Each time a handler passes a new training level, or when a dog is adopted and moves on from the program, we print photos of the handlers and their dogs for them to keep. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but to these men dedicating so much time and energy to the shelter dogs, it’s a special memento that acknowledges their hard work and helps them remember the many dogs they’ve helped. So we definitely teared up when we received a card this week with the following messages of gratitude: “Our hard work would not be seen without your help. Thank you so much for helping us find these dogs homes and giving us something to remember them by”…. “Thank you so much for the photos – the picture is worth EVERYTHING”… “Thank you for helping us create good memories”… and even more kind words. We say thank YOU right back to our amazing Pen Pals handlers for making a world of difference for the dogs in the program! We hope everyone will join us in sending them thanks!

Paper bags needed! Hopefully, you’ve been hoarding grocery bags just waiting for this plea! Well, here it is … we need your grocery bags for our Pet Care Assistance deliveries to seniors in need of pet food. Our staff and volunteers deliver grocery bags filled with pet food to clients throughout Marin County every week. Which means we go through A LOT of grocery bags. Please drop off any you can spare to the donation bins in front of the shelter. Many thanks!!

Come join the team! There are several full-time and part-time positions available at both Marin Humane and Hopalong. Come work with us and join our amazing team of dedicated, compassionate staff. Check out the job openings here, and spread the word to friends and family!

Cautionary tail! Earlier this spring, one of our Animal Services Officers rescued a gorgeous garter snake that had gotten tangled in garden netting in San Rafael. While garter snakes are a common site around Marin, this one was an unusual and very striking shade of blue! Officer Trumper freed the snake and transported it to WildCare for follow-up care. Luckily, the snake got there “in time to mitigate any long term damage,” according to the WildCare team. “The tip of the snake’s tail had to be amputated following ischemia injuries caused by the netting, but we have high hopes for a full recovery and release!” It isn’t uncommon for snakes, bird, and other critters to get tangled in garden netting, so we encourage folks to avoid it altogether. If you must use it, follow a couple rules to ensure you don’t unintentionally harm snakes and other wildlife. After all, snakes are very beneficial to your garden, providing natural pest control! Most importantly, netting should never touch the ground. If you keep any netting rolled up and secured several inches above the ground, snakes can pass under safely but your garden will stay safe from birds above. Also, be sure to check the netting every morning, and if you do find an entangled animal, please call either Marin Humane or WildCare so the animal can be evaluated. Remember, coexistence is the name of the game!
Hope you have a terrific week!