Greetings volunteers!

We hope everyone had a treat-filled Halloween! There were some fantastic adoptions this past week, but perhaps none as special as the adoption of Sassafras! Sassafras came into the shelter in July, and along with several other dogs, presented with distemperDr. Belinda Evans, our Director of Shelter Medicine, said this about Sassafras: “It is thanks to the very hard work of the Veterinary Assistants (Lizzie, Stephanie, Linda, and Barb) and Animal Care staff, along with the wonderful San Quentin handlers, that this girl (and the other distemper dogs which will hopefully be going up for adoption soon) survived months of life at the shelter and then in foster care. These dogs came here in JULY! Barb and her husband were actually making food at home for one of the dogs who wouldn’t eat anything for a while. It has taken a lot of sweat (100 degree days in full PPE in the boatyard!) and tears to get to this place. It has not been easy and I’m so glad to see the first of the group get adopted. Hooray!” Extra kudos to the Dog Pet Pal volunteers who walked the other shelter dogs which freed-up the staff to spend extra time on the care of the “distemper” dogs, including Sassafras. Great job, everyone, it definitely took a village of compassionate, dedicated staff and volunteers to get this sweet pup adopted!

Shelter update: We currently have 195 animals in our care: 73 animals in foster and 122 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 15 dogs, 1 puppy, 31 cats, 30 kittens, 8 rabbits, 12 guinea pigs, 18 rodents, 3 reptiles, and 4 birds.

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday! We had a frightfully good week of adoptions so the slideshow is extra spooktacular! Let’s wait no longer to share the adoption slideshow and full Adoption Report!

Happy endings! From our adoption program assistant, Michelle: “We got a twofer! The Sutherland family came into the shelter looking to adopt a new family member. Since they have had both cats and dogs, they were open to either. Mom decided to look at the kittens in the lobby and fell in love with Candy Corn, who looked just like one of their cats that had passed. Dad decided to look at dogs and was immediately drawn to Stuart the bulldog. But mom had already fallen in love with Candy Corn, so dad called in cousin to meet Stuart. Their cousin got here lickity split and, of course, immediately fell in love with Stuart and decided to adopt. A bit of paperwork later and this family has grown by two soon-to-be-very-spoiled family members.”

Volunteer High Five to Jody Wheeler! I would like to give a super-duper Volunteer High Five to Jody for her generous spirit and 27 years of service and dedication to the Marin Humane Thrift Shop! Jody served as the Auxiliary President for over a decade, retiring just this year.

One of Jody’s fellow volunteers said, “Jody has been an incredible contributor to the thrift shop’s success with her management continuity. She is very personable & engaging with the volunteers & clientele yet can be tough when need be. I have enjoyed volunteering with her over the years. Jody is also a special friend and everyone at the shop will miss her!”

Jody added, “What I like the most is making money to support the Marin Humane veterinary clinic and making so many new friends with the Auxiliary volunteers. We have such a good time at the Shop working together – we are a very close group of volunteers. We really enjoy our social times together at the June meeting and our Holiday lunches, and enjoy laughs over some of the donations, wondering ‘what in the world is that thing!’ We are all dedicated to helping our shelter.” 

Jody has adopted two senior cats from Marin Humane. Though neither of them is still with her, Jody is a senior cat advocate and says, “They are a real gift. They have their ways and you will learn them. One of mine would come to me in any room and MEOW, which meant, ‘follow me to a chair in the living room so I can sit on your lap!’ I am so happy to be part of our great organization.” Thank you, Jody, for your 27 years of service and dedication to the mission of Marin Humane! You are already missed at the shop! ~ Candace, Volunteer Engagement

Paper products: For those of you keeping score at home, here’s what we need and what we don’t need at the shelter at this moment:

  • We need brown paper grocery bags — do you have a collection of grocery bags that you keep with every intention of taking them to the store next time you go…and always forget? Community Engagement can help ease your guilt by using them for our weekly pet food deliveries. Sturdy paper bags with thick handles, like those from Safeway and Whole Foods, are best. Please no plastic bags. You can drop them off in the Community Engagement office (the former Animal Outfitters store); or leave them on the bench in front of their office.
  • We no longer need paper toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, or egg cartons. We are all set with a big stash of these items … thank you to everyone for bringing these items to the shelter. I’ll let you know when we need these again :).

Tails of Marin: This time of year means our wildlife neighbors are beginning to migrate and forage for food in preparation for winter. In “When the clocks change, watch out for wildlife,” learn more about steps we can all take to protect our wildlife friends.

Do you consider yourself a good match-maker?! If so, maybe you’d like to help us by volunteering as an adoption counselor on a weekend shift?! Adoption counselors work with the adoptions staff to find lifelong, loving homes for shelter animals by working with prospective adopters to find the right animal for their family. Here are more details on this job: Adoption Counselor Job Description. Open shifts are Saturday and Sunday mornings. If interested, please email me at

Hope you’re looking forward to the extra hour of sleep you’ll get this Sunday! Maybe it’ll make-up for the dreaded early sunsets at 5pm, ha!