Greetings volunteers!

We’re taking our Pet Safety Net on the road to bring help to pet guardian’s right in their neighborhood! Our staff and volunteers host these clinics, along with volunteer Marin County veterinarians, offering important medical care and supplies to pet guardians in need. The next community clinic is this Saturday, October 22nd at Marin Health & Wellness in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael from 11am-1pm. This free clinic offers cursory exams, vaccinations (Rabies, DA2PP, and FVRCP), microchipping, flea medications, dog licenses, pet food, and other supplies for dogs and cats. We also make referrals for any necessary follow-up care. If you have any questions, call 415-506-6238.

Shelter update: We currently have 229 animals in our care: 82 animals in foster and 147 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 18 dogs, 4 puppies, 45 cats, 38 kittens, 8 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 14 rodents, 2 reptiles, 9 birds, and 2 fowl.

Adoptions update: Hooray! Let’s make your day with this week’s adoption slideshow! From kittens to king snakes, we did a whole lot of match-making last week. So happy these sweet cuties found their human companion to cozy up with this winter! If you’re looking for more details, here’s the Adoption Report.

Dogtoberfest! Get in the spirit and celebrate Howl’oween during a spooktacular day of fun at Strawberry Village! Come in costume on Saturday, October 29 to do the Trick-or-Treat crawl for lots of sweet treats and register your pet at Woodlands Pet Food & Treats for the pet costume contest! We’ll also have lots of dogs and cats looking for their furr-ever homes, so come ready to mingle with our furry cuties.

Tails of Marin – Halloween Edition: “As the countdown to Halloween begins, I’ve been stocking up on candy and dusting off the spooky décor to ready my house and yard for a night of trick-or-treating. My young daughter loves the decorations — and, let’s be honest, the sugar high — that come with this frightfully festive night. But amidst all the fun, I always consider the impact on our pets and local wildlife. That’s because this spooky season comes with plenty of potential pitfalls for our four-legged friends, wild birds, and more.” Here’s how to protect animals this Halloween, without sacrificing the fun.

Volunteer High five to Event Shed Cleaning Crew! “Molly and I want to give a H-U-G-E High Five to the volunteers who spent their day cleaning out the event shed. This involved A LOT of carrying boxes and crates among cobwebs and spiders into the Ed Room. Then, Suzy Puccini, Irene Cooper, Paula Spencer, and Gretchen Likander (with Molly’s direction) went through every single box, consolidated items, tossed old stuff, labelled boxes, took inventory, swept out the shed, and more! This was a day requiring much physical labor and dust, ha!, and Suzy, Irene, Paula, and Gretchen were champs and tackled every task with a smile … and great suggestions, too! Thank you, Team Shed Clean-Up, for your dedication to this undertaking, and getting it all done in one day. We so appreciate your hard work 🙂.” ~ Candace & Molly Foley, Philanthropy Events Manager

Another Volunteer High Five … to Jen Myers, Marilyn Freund, and Jan Johnson! This last Saturday Animal Care moved all of the cats (approximately 14 cats) out of Adoption Dogs and into Intake Dogs. Jen, Marilyn, and Jan were willing to come help move the cats to help relieve some of the stress from our team. Well, we moved all of the cats out by the time they got here but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t more work to be done! They helped us change their locations in Shelter Buddy and get all of the cats settled. Cats don’t like change, especially such a big move so they helped set up each of the cat’s new spaces with their familiar bedding and sat with them to reassure them that it was okay to come out of their carriers and relax. This allowed our small Animal Care team to go do other tasks that we needed to do and also gave the cats the support that they desperately needed at that time. Thank you Jen, Marilyn and Jan!!” ~ Animal Care & all of the cats in Intake Dogs

Protect your bunnies! Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV) is a highly contagious, deadly virus that affects both pet and wild rabbits. With RHDV now officially confirmed in multiple jackrabbits in Marin County, it’s important that rabbit guardians take important precautions to keep their pets safe: * Vaccinate your bunnies as soon as possible. * Keep them indoors. * Don’t allow contact with bunnies from outside your household. * Wash your hands before and after touching your bunnies. * Don’t feed foraged plants and grasses. * NEVER touch wild rabbits. If you choose to add a new rabbit to your household, and either bunny is not yet vaccinated, quarantine them for at least 14 days before introducing them. All bunnies available for adoption at Marin Humane have gone through a strict quarantine and are vaccinated! RHDV is fatal and can hit with little warning. We hope these tips help keep your rabbit safe and please get them vaccinated!

Hope you have a terrific week!