Greetings from Volunteer Services!

Well, we’re in week #5 of sheltering in place. How’s it going for you? Learned anything new aboutyourself? Here’s what I now know: I miss working at the shelter and interacting with my fellow staff and volunteers! I also function much better with a routine, so I get up early and walk with my dog Boomer before opening my laptop for the day. How about you?

We hope the below informs and entertains, and if there’s something you’d like to know, shoot us an e-mail and we can include it in the next e-mail newsletter.

Shelter Update: There are 79 animals in our system with just 6 animals at the shelter. Five of those animals are cats. And, three of those cats are going to foster today! We are also doing “modified adoptions” from foster homes with all of the safety protocols in place to protect everyone. Many thanks to all of our foster families!! 

Volgistics: We’d love your help with a project! Something we’ve wanted to tackle for a while is having a photo of each volunteer in their Volgistics record. We have been able to do this for some of you and now you can help us with yours! Click on the VicNet Instructions To Upload A Photo for step-by-step directions. And if you’d prefer some help, send your photo to me at and I’ll take care of it for you. Thanks!

Saving Your Health, One Mask at a Time” is an excellent, thorough article that is well worth reading. Also check out this short video from Marin Health and Human Services which focuses on taking care of our pets :-).

Foster update on Sky the rabbit! Sky is in a foster with Dog Pet Pal, Charlotte L. Here’s what Charlotte reports about fostering sweet Sky, “I have been a volunteer since 2018. As soon as we heard that the region would be under shelter in place, we stepped in and offered to foster an animal. We wish we could have done more but tried to help on our scale. We picked up lovely Sky at the shelter with all her equipment and off we went. She has been an amazing little companion and has brightened our quarantine. She is a lovely little rabbit with super soft fur who loves to re-arrange her space on her own terms. We wish that she will find a wonderful loving home soon.”

Journey’s Journey: Sam Winegarner, our Animal Care Manager, tells a story of transformation for Journey, a long-time feline resident at the shelter: “Our friend Journey was very depressed for a long time, not grooming herself (and thus was super dirty and greasy) and was not being very friendly either. But she’s really come out of her shell since becoming Queen of Adoption Cats so I thought it fitting that she get a physical makeover to match her emotional one. Today she got a full ‘mani/pedi,’ a nice warm bath, and a good brush out and blow dry. She was such a good girl! And seems no worse for wear as I spent some time with her afterwards and she still rubbed up on my legs, let me brush her a bit more, and even spent a good 20 minutes actually grooming herself- something I have never seen her do! I’m giving her a fresh write-up as well to reflect her improvements and to hopefully garner some more interest from adopters.Thank you everyone who has been and continues to spend time with her, now is her time to shine!”  The wonderful news is that, thanks to Sam’s patience and TLC, Journey got adopted yesterday!

NoseletterHere is the March Noseletter from the Behavior & Training department. Loads of happy ending stories, videos to watch, articles to read, and fun to be had!

Thinking of you and hoping you keep well and stay healthy!

Anne and Candace