Greetings Volunteers! 

We continue to send our appreciation to you, our dedicated corps of volunteers – 700 strong! We are so grateful for your gifts of time and talents which are making a difference in the lives of animals and their people throughout Marin! 

Enjoy the newsletter and the sunshine!

Shelter Update: We currently have 79 animals in our care. There are 70 animals in foster and nine in the shelter (four cats, one parakeet and four dogs). We are also doing “modified adoptions” from foster homes with all of the safety protocols in place to protect everyone. In fact, we have done 106 adoptions since March 16th! Yippee for animals finding their forever homes.

Reminder: During this time of sheltering in place, please remember that volunteers are not supposed to enter the shelter building at all. If you need to drop off a foster animal, pick-up foster supplies, drop off masks, paper bags, newspapers or anything else, please call our main phone number (415-883-4621) or, just knock on the front door (the blue one) and a customer service staff person will assist you. Also, please remember that face masks are required if you do interact with anyone at the shelter. Thank you!

Face Mask Request: Thank you to the many volunteers who have made cloth face masks and donated them to the staff. One of our Animal Service officers has made a special request for black or green face masks for the officers in the field. If you’re able to help us with this request, please email Candace at and we can arrange for them to be picked-up. 

Celebrating a few milestone anniversaries! Congratulations to Dawn Kovell, Director of Behavior & Training and Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator (and small companion animal evaluator and cheerleader) on their respective 20 year anniversaries at Marin Humane! We thank Dawn and Suzanne for their innumerable and invaluable contributions to the animals and people who love them 🙂

Pet Safety Net: There are several food pantries across Marin that are also distributing free pet food to those in need, including: Marin Senior Center in Marin City; People’s Inter-Cities Fellowship, Marin City; Ritter House, San Rafael; Whistle Stop, San Rafael; and other organizations working with the homeless. If you or someone you know needs help for your pet, please contact or call 415-506-6255 and one of our staff members will respond.

Foster update on Toby! Toby is being fostered by Dog Pet Pal, Carol G. She tells us, “Toby is such a sweet little dog and so loving. He loves to sit on my lap and be petted or brushed. He will give kisses as much as I will allow him to and he’s good in the car and on walks. Toby stays home alone when I go to the store and is fine; and so happy to see me when I return. In the evening when he is tired, Toby goes to his bed on his own. He likes to sleep late in the mornings I’m up 1/2 hour before he climbs out of his bed looking sleepy. If he starts to bark I ask him not to and he stops. He used to do a lot of spinning in place but now when he starts, I ask him to stop and he stops. He’s a very good listener 🙂 Toby is almost blind but it doesn’t seem to hinder him much.”

Be well and stay healthy!

Anne and Candace