Greetings Volunteers!

As we enter our third month of sheltering-in-place, you may be feeling super-duper eager to get back to volunteering at the shelter, Kitty Corner, the Thrift Shop, or in the community. During these turbulent times, volunteering with the shelter animals sounds pretty therapeutic right now, right?

Hold on to that eagerness as we continue to navigate these tricky waters. Some of you are ready to jump right in when we put the word out. And, some of you want to wait a few months to see what happens in our County with regards to COVID-19. Our volunteer survey tells us you’re fairly split between these two options. Just know that we’re hard at work on the “re-entry” plan for staff, volunteers and the public. 

Nancy McKenney informs us, “We are continuing to develop our plans to gradually bring back more services and therefore staffing to campus. Before we can offer more in the way of programs and services, we must develop a ‘COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan (SPP)’ and that is being worked on by several staff and myself. As soon as we have details we will share them with you.” 

In the meantime, please enjoy these updates, resources and more.

Shelter Update: Our current shelter population is 141 animals. There are 100 animals in foster and 41 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 7 dogs, 11 cats, 14 kittens, 1 guinea pig, 3 ducklings and 5 fowl.

Adoptions Update: Since March 16th, we have done 297 adoptions, and are just 16% behind in adoptions compared to last year! Woo-Hoo to the adoptions team, matchmakers extraordinaire!!

Humane at Home: Running out of ideas for your housebound kids? We can help! “Humane at Home,” an online resource for humane education activities right on our website, accessible anytime. We add new content every week so kids can learn about what our Animal Services Officers do, hear stories about all sorts of animals, learn about pet care, and more. And be sure to follow us on Facebook!

“Permission to Feel” Podcast: If your emotions are a bit topsy-turvy these days, you might enjoy this podcast, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown. Brown speaks with Dr. Marc Brackett, the director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help Our Kids, Ourselves, and Our Society Thrive. Throughout their conversation, they define emotional intelligence (EQ) and why it is important now more important than ever to understand what it is and how it can help both adults and children better understand themselves, their surroundings, and each other. Click here to listen to “Permission to Feel,” their 52-minute podcast. The podcast is not only eye-opening, but is oftentimes hilarious as well – a perfect combo!

Wait, You’re Leaving Me? Helping Your Dog Adjust to Life After Shelter in Place is Lifted. Have you been at home with your dog for the past few months? Are you planning on heading back into the office in the near future? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, this free course was made for you! This short course was designed to give our community the tools to prevent separation anxiety as we transition back to our old routines. Click here to register for this free course (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the webpage to register :).

“America’s factory farm system is broken; hopefully, that’s about to change.” In this week’s Tails of Marin article in the Marin IJ, Marin Humane’s Carina DeVera writes this excellent piece about the impact the pandemic is having on factory farms.

Stay strong and be well,

Anne and Candace