Greetings Volunteers!

Happy week #8 of sheltering-in-place! We recognize that this is a challenging time, and for many, missing your volunteer shift(s) at Marin Humane tops your list of adjustments.

Well, we miss you too! The management team is hard at work to determine what the phased reopening of Marin Humane will be. As restrictions begin to loosen in the next month or so, we are also looking at how to re-incorporate volunteers into our operations. Stay tuned for a Volunteer Survey that will help us get a better understanding of your plans for returning to volunteering. We will send the link to the survey in a separate e-mail in a week.

Shelter Update: There are currently 117 animals in our system: 97 animals in foster and 20 at the shelter. Of those at the shelter, there are:

  • 7 dogs – 6 of these dogs are Emergency Board (not COVID-19 related)
  • 8 cats – 5 of these cats are feral and will be either TNR’d or placed as Career Cats
  • 3 guinea pigs
  • 1 turtle
  • 1 parakeet

Congratulations Skylar! Adorable Skylar was with Marin Humane for 408 days and on Monday afternoon, she went home with her new family! We’re so excited for this new chapter in her life. Many Thanks to Skylar’s many fans and fosters, particularly Cathy M who fostered her these past two months! 

Coffee Lovers: This may sound like an odd request, but our Animal Service officers have asked if anyone has coffee cans with the lids. The Field would love to have a few extra on hand as they’re very handy for confining bats. Who knew?!

A chat with Keri Fennell, Director of Shelter Services: Mary Stumpo (Animal Care Volunteer Coordinator) and Laura Anderson (Animal Care Technician) recently chatted with Keri Fennell about what’s happening at the shelter since we’ve been sheltering in place. Click here to watch the interview, we’re certain you’ll enjoy all the good news from behind the scenes!

Good PSA about pets during COVID-19: Click here for a short, informative PSA (public service announcement) from the CDC about your pets during COVID-19. 

Laughing is the best medicine! In last week’s e-mail, we asked you to send us what makes you laugh … and boy oh boy, we received an outpouring of wonderful (and very funny) responses. Thank you! It is taking us a bit longer than anticipated to compile the photos and videos, but it’ll be worth the wait! We’ll get you laughing out loud in no time!

Thinking of you and hoping you keep well and stay healthy.

Anne and Candace