Greetings Volunteers!

How is everyone today? Enjoying this beautiful spring weather?

One more question, and this time, we’d like you to respond to us at with your answer (and maybe a photo if you’d like to share one :-): We all know that laughter is the best medicine, right? And getting in at least one good laugh is a high priority on the “Isolation Well-Being Check List,” so let us know what made you laugh this week! Something your pets did, or your kids, or something you watched or listened to, we look forward to all your responses!!

Shelter Update: There are 93 animals in our system; 79 are in loving foster homes and 14 are residing at the shelter. Since March 16th, we’ve been doing “modified adoptions” from foster homes with all of the safety protocols in place to protect everyone. In fact, we’ve done 131 adoptions to date! Here’s a breakdown on the number of animals adopted these past six weeks:

  • Birds: 3
  • Cats/Kittens: 65

  • Dogs/Puppies: 32
  • Fowl: 1
  • Guinea Pigs: 7
  • Rabbits: 6
  • Reptiles: 3
  • Rodents: 14
  • Total: 131

Happy Birthday Kitty Corner! We’re celebrating five fabulous years of Kitty Corner, our feline-focused satellite adoption center in San Anselmo! Normally we’d be having a fun party full of adoptions, treats, and prizes, but obviously things are a little different this year. That said, we’re still feeling festive and extremely grateful to everyone whose support has made Kitty Corner possible! Thank you to Pet Food Express San Anselmo, Mark M. Glickman’s Joe Willie Project, and all the staff and volunteers who make the KC world go ’round. With your help, we’ve found homes for hundreds more cats and kittens in the last five years!

Marin plays host to baby wildlife in spring: During spring, Marin County plays host to a variety of baby wildlife. From fawns to ducklings to baby squirrels to owlets, these little creatures are just starting to make their way in this big world. Read Tails of Marin in the Marin IJ about how you can help keep them safe.

Volgistics: We’re still looking to upload more photos of volunteers to their Volgistics record. If you’ve already done this, thank you! If you’re ready to upload the photo yourself, click on the VicNet Instructions To Upload A Photo for step-by-step directions. And if you’d prefer some help, send your photo to me at and I’ll take care of it for you. Thanks!

Thinking of you and hoping you keep well and stay healthy.

Anne and Candace