Greetings from Volunteer Services!

We sure do miss seeing all of you at the shelter, Kitty Corner and the Thrift Shop! We know you miss the animals as well :-). Here’s a little bit of news to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained. 

Shelter Update: There are just 22 animals at the shelter: two parakeets, one turtle, one dove and 18 cats. The reason that these cats are still at the shelter is because cats are very sensitive to their environment, especially if with frequent changes. If a move puts undue stress on them, they are more prone to getting sick. So the shelter staff and veterinarians have made decisions about which cats would stay healthiest if kept at the shelter in lieu of going to a foster home. There are also 97 animals in loving foster homes.

We need face masks: If you are interested in making face masks and willing to donate some to Marin Humane, we would be most grateful. We anticipate that staff and volunteers will need them in the near future when we reopen the shelter. There are many directions to make face mask on the internet, and here is one you can use, too. When you are ready to donate your handmade face masks, please e-mail Candace and we’ll arrange a pick-up time or set a time for you to deliver then to the shelter. Thank you!

Foster update on Lexi the rabbit!: “Lexi is a sweet 6.5 lb. beauty with an inquisitive, yet cautious personality. She loves “rearranging” her furniture and munching on hay all day (i.e. moving her hidey box around and digging at her towels). We sometimes lovingly call her “messy Lexi” since she doesn’t quite have the whole potty tray thing figured out just yet. But the good news is she’s getting a lot tidier with some helpful reminders. She is a sweet and fun loving rabbit that adores attention and has even enjoyed some small pieces of fruit like apple and strawberry tops as a treat every now and again. She’s eager to spend time with people and comes to the edge of her x-pen every morning to say hello. If you are thinking about adding a new pal to your life Lexi is ready and willing! She’s currently available for adoption!”

Wondering how Skylar is doing? Skylar, a Dog Pet Pal favorite, is happy in her foster home with Cathy M. Cathy says “Skylar’s been a great companion. I did learn that she likes to burrow under the covers! That was fun. She’s also an amazing road buddy, sleeps in if you want to and explore new surroundings. She’s just very adaptable and easy going. Sky is the perfect combination of fun/energy and relaxed/low key. I sure hope she finds her forever real soon!”

Tails of Marin: Marin Humane contributes a “Tails of Marin” article to the Marin IJ every week. There have been several good articles in the past couple of weeks which you can find on our website here. Check out Dawn Kovell’s article, Social Distancing offers a chance for dog walkers to become more courteous and Carina DeVera’s piece, During uncertain times, foster dogs provide love and support.

Amazon Wish List: The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial hardship for many of our animal-loving neighbors. Marin Humane’s Pet Safety Net provides temporary support to help Marin residents keep pets in their homes by providing essential food, supplies, and veterinary care. If you feel so inclined to make a donation of pet food to the Pet Safety Net, click here for the Amazon Wish List.

Calling all dog guardians! COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives, perhaps even including the relationships we have with our dogs. You can help researchers at Colorado State University, Washington State University, University of San Francisco, and Palo Alto University understand more about this impact by completing a short (~10 minute), anonymous survey. Click here to participate.

A personal message from Anne Oliver: “Many thanks for the kind messages on my 30th anniversary at Marin Humane. I will never forget my first day, walking into the shelter in my role as a part-time front office clerk. Animal sheltering was a world unlike any other I had experienced and one that has become dear to my heart. I had no idea I would find my life’s work here and feel very grateful to be in a role where my passions – the welfare of animals and working with people – combine into what feels like a dream job.

Each of you makes my job more interesting and worthwhile. Thank you for all of your service, for caring and giving your love and time to the animals and our community. I can’t wait to see you and resume our work together. That will be a very good day!”

Thinking of you and hoping you keep well and stay healthy!

Anne and Candace