Greetings Volunteers,

Ever thought about fostering? Well, no time like the present, right? Charlotte, one of Marin Humane’s Dog Pet Pals, offered to foster when we closed the shelter way back in March. Learn a little about the 18 animals (yes, 18!) she’s fostered for us … so far!

“We started fostering the first day of the shelter-in-place. I’m usually a dog pet pal and come 2-3 times a week to be with the dogs, so when shelter-in-place started we reached out to Marin Humane to check if they needed help with the animals. All the dogs were already in foster so we got a rabbit (Sky); after 3 weeks she got adopted and we started fostering dogs. We are at number 18 in this short period of time.

They stay with us anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending on the dog, his/her story, personality, etc. We always try to do fun activities and get them as comfortable as possible. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey seeing all the dogs and their new families happy. A lot of people have said, ‘it must be very hard to let them go’ and of course it is not easy, but we know that we are a part of their journey to happiness and their forever homes.

My husband has been incredibly supportive and has become the “master cuddler,” and the dogs love him! We feel that giving our feedback to the staff and future adopters really sets the dog up for success so the new families know what to expect. I work very closely with Catherine (in adoptions) and we’ve become “specialized” in the shy dogs. It is incredible to see them blossom in a few hours or days. For example, we fostered Stella a super shy Maltese who was found as a stray. In the shelter she was incredibly shy and only one staff member was handling her. We picked her up and within hours she was playing with toys and running around the house super happy. Our “lucky” number 13, Miles, is our longest resident and has been with us for 1.5 months. Miles came to us super shy and in evident pain distress. After many exams, the vet figured out that he had a broken pelvis and broken ribs. He is enjoying his recovery at home and we hope he finds an amazing home as soon as the fractures are better. We encourage everyone to foster, it is such an amazing, fun and rewarding way to help the dogs, set them up for success and see them happy with their new guardians.”

Anne and Candace