Greetings Volunteers,

Some of you may wonder who’s taking care of the shelter animals these past several months, especially without the help of volunteers. Well, our wonderful team of Animal Care staff! Let me introduce you to Team A (Cris, Laura, Lizzie, Suzanne and Sam) and Team B (Daniella, Lauren, Lisette, Pam and Kyle). Both teams have been working super hard to keep all of the animals well cared for, whether they’re in the shelter for a day or several weeks. During this time of COVID, everyone has become very innovative and flexible every single day and they are rockin’ it!

Animal Care is responsible for a multitude of tasks, including: handling all of the “after hours” inquiries (with clerical assistance from Customer Service); helping with Pet Partnership intake (vaccinations, micro-chipping, nail trims, photos, etc.); administering daily medications when the Veterinary Assistants aren’t available; providing very important notes in Shelter Buddy for the Behavior and Training team (to assist them in evaluating animals remotely); assisting the Adoption Department when needed; delivering foster animals and supplies to homes; and SO much more! Oh, and they’re dedicating time to all of the animals every day, providing each animal with their preferred enrichment, be it cuddling or a good ol’ game of fetch. Three woofs and purrs to our dedicated, compassionate and hardworking animal care staff!

Anne and Candace