Greetings Volunteers,

A friend shared this exercise from a blog she reads called Morning Brew. Thought I’d share with you; it’s rather fun and, for some, may be a bit challenging. Pick your favorite:

  1. Raining outside, Netflix, fireplace, hot cocoa
  2. Sunny and 70°, windows open, playing music, baking cookies
  3. Sunny and 90°, in the pool, grilling, drinking iced tea
  4. Sunny and 55°, leaves falling, sitting outside, reading a book

My pick is #1. No, #4. No, #2. Dagnabbit, I can’t decide!

Shelter update: We currently have 114 animals in our care: 66 animals in foster and 48 in the shelter. The shelter residents include:  28 cats, 3 kittens, 6 dogs, 2 puppies, 1 rabbit, 2 chickens, 2 guinea pigs, 1 python, and 3 mice. 

Adoptions update: We might be locked down again, but that won’t stop all of the happy adoptions taking place! In  fact, we’ve done 1,492 adoptions since the first SIP. Woo-hoo! Enjoy this week’s adoption slideshow.

Tails of Marin: In the latest Tails of Marin in the Marin IJ, How to Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays, you’ll find some helpful tips. Enjoy your festivities.

Columbia Sportswear Store Discount Update: This is just a reminder that Marin Humane employees and volunteers have exclusive access the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store. With the new shelter-in-place order, Columbia has received many inquiries about the Employee Store and if it is still open.  This is just to confirm that the store is open and operating at 20% of normal capacity.  Marin Humane’s invite runs through this Sunday, December 20th. Read the Columbia Sportswear Holiday Flyer for more info and what to bring if you plan on taking advantage of this great offer and fun shopping experience.

Happy Tails: The Community Engagement’s Animal-Assisted Program volunteers continue to help our community in safe, virtual ways :). You can read more about this amazing group of volunteers and their dogs (and a few cats!) in the Fall Happy Tails Newsletter.

Feline Enrichment Class: Do you have a kitty at home who’s constantly licking themselves or has started climbing the curtains inexplicably? Then your sweet feline may just be a bit bored. In our online Feline Enrichment Workshop on December 17th you’ll learn simple and inexpensive ways to significantly enrich the life of your kitty companion to not only avoid those pesky behaviors, but also reduce boredom which can be stressful for cats. Get all the details and register here. We’re also offering several cat workshops in January, too, check the classes here.

Be well, be active, and stay healthy!

Anne and Candace