Greetings Volunteers,

Well, here we are, together for the last Volunteer Blog of 2021! It was definitely a year to remember, but I think most are ready to ring in a New Year. Speaking of which, do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I’ve got one — what are yours? If you need some prompting, this week’s Tails of Marin offers a big hint: “Include your pets when creating new year’s resolutions.”

Shelter update: We currently have 110 animals in our care: 41 animals in foster and 69 animals in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 17 dogs, 35 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 5 rodents, 6 reptiles, and 2 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Welcome to the final adoption slideshow of 2021! We can hardly believe 2022 is upon us. So let’s close out the year with some smiles and happy families! If you want to ring in the New Year with a new animal companion, there are still many critters looking to land in your home :). Check out the Adoption Report of animals who were adopted this past week. 

Happy ending: “Just wanted to let you know that Kit Kat and Kitty Kitty are doing GREAT! They were slow to get comfortable when we first brought them home (to be expected), but after one week they are now sleeping in our bed, running around the house, playing with their toys, and purring nonstop. Just wanted to let you know they are going GREAT! Thank you so much for helping us find our new family members. Happy holidays to all at Marin Humane!”

Volunteer High Five to the Thrift Shop volunteers: I’d like to give a years-end High Five to the amazing Thrift Shop volunteers! For the past 20+ months, the Thrift Shop has closed, opened, closed again, and re-opened again. It’s been a topsy-turvy few years, but the volunteers have shown their dedication to opening the store to make money that supports our veterinary clinic. 

In 2020, the Thrift Shop volunteers reorganized the layout of the store to ensure customers could have six feet of distance from one another while shopping. They strictly enforced the health mandates from the city of San Anselmo and county of Marin. And customers were so glad to be back to their little store that helps the animals 🙂. Luckily, in 2021, shopping while masked became the norm, and customers came flocking back to the Thrift Shop. Sales have increased dramatically over the course of the year: from a low of about $2,000 in January to a record-breaking November of over $10,000! 

None of this would be possible without the incredible dedication, talents, and customer service of the 30 Thrift Shop volunteers. Thank you for everything you do to run a successful store and for all the money contributed to the vet clinic! We are so grateful for each of you!!” ~ Candace Alexander, Volunteer Services

B&Tea: I’m sure we’ve all wondered if our pets dream. Neil Lurssen has written a wonderfully entertaining piece speculating on the dreams of our beloved canines in this week’s B&Tea Blog, “Visions of Sugar Plums; Do Dogs Dream?

Columbia Sportswear discount: Still looking for some winter gear, whether for walking your dog or going to Tahoe to ski (or trying to get there :-), volunteers and staff have exclusive access to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store from December 20th – January 17th! Please see the Columbia Sportswear Store Winter Invitation for details. Happy shopping!

Cheers to a happy & healthy 2022!

Candace and Anne