Greetings Volunteers,

The second shelter-in-place order went into effect yesterday. So what does this mean for Marin Humane? Well, our day-to-day activities are not going to change much since the shelter is currently only open by appointment. We will continue to work online or by phone as much as possible. The Marin Humane staff who work at the shelter will continue to work on their designated shifts, either on Team A or Team B, to minimize exposure to their entire department. The small number of volunteers on campus on any given day will also continue with their assignments as most of them perform their volunteer jobs outside and with over 6′ of physical distance. We will certainly keep you posted if things change in the coming months. 

Shelter update: We currently have 117 animals in our care:  58 in the shelter and 59  in foster. The shelter residents include: 30 cats, 8 kittens, 14 dogs, 1 puppy, 2 rabbits, 2 chickens, and 1 dove.

Adoptions updateWe saw a ton of animals, including a turtle, parakeet, and guinea pig, all find forever homes last week. Congratulations to all the happy adopters who took home a new furry, feathered, or scaly friend! And enjoy this week’s adoption slideshow.

Holiday shopping: If you’re doing some (or a lot!) of online shopping for the holidays, or just shopping for yourself!, consider visiting Once on this site, select Marin Humane as your charity, and shop away! When you go back to Amazon in the future, be sure to save to your favorites and Marin Humane will receive a donation based on the amount of your total purchase. Visit our  website for a variety of other ways to support the animals and the work we do.

Tails of Marin: In the latest Tails of Marin, learn how to keep your pets cozy during the cold winter days. But best of all, you’ll learn how Dawn Kovell’s pets like to sleep at night, a LOL read!

Protect skunks: Please don’t place rodent traps outside! This poor lil’ guy was recently rescued in Novato by Animal Services Officer Brett Trumper after getting stuck in one. Fortunately, after the box was cut open, the skunk safely ran off. We never recommend placing traps like this outside. Curious critters like skunks and raccoons can get stuck in them and are often terribly injured or worse. Need tips about living with wildlife? Our friends at WildCare have lots of them!

Stay healthy!

Anne and Candace