Greetings Volunteers,

We are so excited to announce that Kitty Corner has re-opened! Kitty Corner is our satellite adoption center dedicated to finding felines furever homes and is located in the Red Hill Shopping Center in San Anselmo. After a nearly two-year hiatus, Kitty Corner is now open Thursdays through Sundays! Loki, the cat with the beautiful eyes pictured below, was the first feline adoption at Kitty Corner this year – hooray!!

Shelter update: We currently have 111 animals in our care: 37 animals in foster and 74 animals in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 21 dogs, 2 puppies, 28 cats, 4 kittens, 3 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs, 2 rodents, 4 reptiles, and 6 fowl. 

Adoptions update: We are soooo thrilled that this week’s slideshow includes adoptions from Kitty Corner! Here’s the Adoption Report so you can see who went home last week :).

Happy ending: From time to time, we receive emails from folks who’ve adopted an animal from Marin Humane recently or a while ago. Last week, we received this sweet note: “I adopted Suki (previously Sisu), a then 9ish-month-old GSD mix, in 2009 from Marin Humane, after begging my family for a dog for 16 years of my life. Suki came from Guatemala, had never walked on a leash before, and tried to dig herself under our fence for weeks after we adopted her.

Since then, Suki has been there for me through high school, college, vet school, and the beginning of my career. I became a veterinarian and devoted my life to cats and dogs because I wanted other people to be able to experience the same relationship I have with my dog. She’s been there for me through every relationship, every friendship, and was the star attendant at my wedding. She’s now living her 13-year-old life in a house that my husband and I bought (with her needs in mind, of course) and that we’ve deemed her ‘retirement home.’ Thank you Marin Humane Society for bringing me my best friend. I will forever be grateful.”

Community Clinic: Saturday’s free Community Clinic in Marin City was a huge success! Huge thanks to everyone who made it an outstanding event, from the folks who donated to help get our vehicle back on the road after a stolen catalytic converter threatened to sideline us, to the staff, volunteers, and veterinarians who gave their time to help provide vaccines and care for 87 animals, it truly took a village! Special thanks to St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Marin City, CA for hosting us, and to Dr. Ortiz from San Marin Animal Hospital and Dr. Captanian from Fairfax Veterinary Clinic for taking time out of their already-busy schedules to support our Pet Safety Net program.

Volunteer High Five to the Inga Grace! “A huge High Five to Inga Grace for her time, her home, her training and most of all her love for Ozzy! Ozzy was transferred to Marin Humane from another shelter in September. When Ozzy arrived, Jane and I evaluated him and we were sure he would be adopted within weeks. Ozzy seemed to love everyone and was really good with dogs of all sizes. Alas, Ozzy was not adopted until mid-October and only lasted about two weeks in that home. The adopter reported that Ozzy just didn’t settle in the home. Our Dog Pet Pal Inga had a brilliant idea and asked for permission to bring Ozzy home and see if she could start to teach him about how to relax in a home. Inga even fostered Ozzy for a week as she really loved the big guy and was hoping to convince the rest of her family that Ozzy would be a great addition. Unfortunately, the cats, dog and husband did not fall in love with Ozzy. Our Ozzy had a lot of challenges to overcome, he spent most of the last year in shelters, ours and the previous shelter, and didn’t really know how to relax on his own. So, Inga continued to take Ozzy home, and help him learn about house manners. Inga took Ozzy on day trips and hikes in his Adopt Me vest. For several weeks Inga came to the shelter to walk Ozzy twice a day, giving Ozzy much need consistency. Inga introduced Ozzy to many potential adopters but a match did not happen. So, Inga kept going, even brining Ozzy to Family Dog 1 classes to get him more training and make him more adoptable.

Finally, in mid-January, a family called. They had a friendly, female German Shepherd/Husky mix and had lost their previous German Shepherd mix in March 2021. They were ready to start looking for a new family member and found Ozzy cross listed on another German Shepherd Dog rescue website, which led them to our website. The family and their dog came two days in a row, all the way from Rocklin to meet Ozzy and on day two decided to sign the paperwork and take Ozzy home! We’ve already had an update from the family who said that Ozzy is settling in nicely. I’m sure Ozzy will adjust, very nicely and quickly to life with his new family, thanks to everyone who helped him along his journey and most especially the help, training, time and love Inga gave the big boy. Thank you and High Five Inga!” ~ Virginia Grainger, B&T

Tails of Marin: Perhaps you’ve experienced some difficulties in getting in to see you vet. With staffing shortages, supply chain interruptions, and high rates of turnover due to compassion fatigue and burnout all contributing to long wait times at veterinarians, it certainly can be frustrating, and please remember to practice kindness! Read more in this week’s Tails of Marin, “Why vet care can be hard to find these days.” 

Be well, and enjoy the week!

Candace and Anne