Greetings Volunteers,

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day! We sure would’ve really enjoyed sharing chocolate cakes together, but since we cannot, we hope you’ll whip up a little treat for yourself and a (non-chocolate) treat for your pet :-).

Shelter update: We currently have 56 animals in our care: 32 animals in foster and 24 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 7 dogs, 11 cats, 1 pigeon, 1 parakeet, 2 guinea pigs, and 2 rabbits. Since March 16th, we have done 1,609 adoptions.

Adoptions updateIt’s been a bit of a quiet time here at the shelter, but two guinea pigs were adopted by this family and made their day, and ours too! We’ve included some previous going home photos in this slideshow to hopefully, put a smile on your face as we enjoy this rainy week ahead.

Happy ending: We’re so thrilled that senior kitty Myra recently found her forever home after waiting so long at our shelter. Here’s what her new pet parent has to say about her: “Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I think Myra is absolutely perfect. It has only been about two weeks and she is doing really well. She started sleeping in my bed a few days ago and is now exploring the house a bit more. Her bedding is still in my office which gives her a ‘safe’ place to run to when she gets nervous. Her vocabulary is so sweet and extensive and I’m quickly learning how to interpret her unique vocalizations. I love her to pieces already, just the way she is and am so glad that I am able to give her a happy place to spend her golden years.” Congratulations to Myra and her new fur mom, Julie!

VCA Animal Hospital discount card: VCA Animal Hospitals have generously offered their VIP Pet Perks discount card to Marin Humane staff and volunteers. The discount card includes a free first exam plus 20% off veterinary services each visit. (Please see card for details, and call your VCA Animal Hospital to confirm their participation). If you’d like a VCA Animal Hospital discount card, please let me know at, and I’ll pop one in the mail to you. 

Tails of Marin scratch ‘n sniff edition: Okay, not really but this one is about scenting, “Even dogs like to stop and ‘smell the roses’; in fact, they need to.” Enjoy this week’s Tails of Marin.

Be well, smile often, stay safe.

Anne and Candace