Greetings Volunteers,

We hope you had a terrific long weekend. Now that you’ve had a few days off, we’d love to hear from you about your plans to return to volunteering. If you haven’t already done so, please take the very brief Volunteer Survey. Thank you!

Shelter update: We currently have 193 animals in our care: 68 animals in foster and 125 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 19 dogs, 5 puppies, 36 cats, 34 kittens, 9 rabbits, 5 guinea pigs, 4 parakeets, 2 rooster, 2 chickens, 2 turtles, 3 hamsters and 3 rats. Wow, this’ll keep the Animal Care staff busy!

Adoptions updateIf you could use a pick-me-up at the end of a long weekend, check out all these adorable adoptions! It was kitten-palooza but we still have lots and lots of little friends waiting for their homes. If you’re thinking about adding a new furry baby to the family, we’d love to help you find your purrfect fit. 

Tails of Marin: National Kitten Day is just around the corner, July 10th to be exact. Of course, many feel that every day should be National Kitten Day :). We’re sure you’ll enjoy this week’s Tails of Marin – kitten edition!

Kitten & cat workshops: Speaking of kittens, our Behavior & Training department has a number of workshops to help feline guardians better understand their kitties and enrich their lives. There’s Kittens 101 on July 22nd, How to Train Your Cat on July 25th, and Feline Enrichment on August 1st. Learn more and sign-up here.

B&Tea Blog: Volunteer and journalist Neil Lurssen says this about his latest B&Tea blog post:  “I think the shelter has an amazing group of volunteers and their dedication and hard work is astonishing. I wish I could have included more of their stories.” Enjoy Marin Humane Volunteers – Who Are They?

Happy ending: Another happy adoption story about Dolly (now Daisy) who was fostered by a staff member then adopted by the sister of a former volunteer; it certainly takes a village! “Daisy is just wonderful. She moved into my house as if she belonged there. She likes the backyard and has spent time out there playing with one of the cats. I think she wants to play with both of them but they seem a little afraid but that will work itself out in time. I took Daisy to the dog park yesterday. She ran around and interacted with all of the other dogs. We will do that often as she seemed to enjoy it a lot. She is sleeping with me as expected. And peeing and pooping appropriately. She didn’t eat at first but now she has started. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! We are both very happy. Thank you!!”

Free Community ClinicWe’re hosting our next FREE Drop-In Community Vaccination Clinic this Saturday, July 10, 11am – 1pm at Novato High School! If you’re a pet parent who’s struggling financially, we can help. Bring your dog or cat to our mobile clinic to get:

* Free vaccinations!

* Free microchipping!

* Free flea/tick treatment!

* Free mini-check-up by a veterinarian!

* Free pet food and supplies!

P.S. We’ll also have a guinea pig expert on hand to answer any questions you have and trim your piggie’s nails. Have questions? Just call 415-506-6238 for more info.

Have a wonderful week!

Anne and Candace