Greetings Volunteers,

Things are starting to change in the county. Marin has moved into a new phase of COVID-19, and so, too, has Marin Humane. But slowly. Our approach to bringing back staff, volunteers, and programs/services is very deliberate and cautious.

COVID-19 & Marin Humane Update: Last week, Marin Humane submitted its COVID 19 Site Specific Protection Plan (SPP), as required by the County of Marin before we reopen or expand our operations. The purpose of the SPP is to provide clear guidance in a manner that provides a safe environment for employees returning to work. Over the weekend, the Behavior & Training department started holding classes for the first time in three months! All of the classes are being hosted outdoors in the enclosed fields across the bridge. All class participants receive our new safety guidelines and the instructors practice an abundance of caution. 

Volunteer Update: With regards to volunteers returning to Marin Humane, a very few volunteers will come back to campus this week to assist in the dog training classes and in the veterinary clinic. We know many of you are eager to help in any way you can. At this time, most of the animals are still in foster homes, which means there’s nothing for Dog Pet Pals, Cat Pet Pals, or Small Companion Animal Pet Pals to do right now. The animal care staff continues to feed, clean and walk/socialize/enrich the shelter residents. We will certainly let you know when volunteer opportunities resume.

Until then, we greatly appreciate your patience while we work our way — slowly — to reopening the shelter :-).

Shelter Update: Our current shelter population is 109 animals, with 77 animals in foster and 32 at the shelter. The shelter population includes: 4 dogs, 1 puppy, 17 cats, 3 kittens, 1 rooster, 1 tortoise, 1 bearded dragon and 4 guinea pigs.

Adoptions Update: Since SIP started on March 16th, we have completed 375 adoptions – which is just 12% behind the adoptions done during the same period 2019. For this week’s adoption slideshow, click here.

The Noseletter is here! Enjoy the latest news, great stories and updates in the May B&T Noseletter.

Amazon Smile! Are you signed up for Amazon Smile? Up until recently, Amazon did not allow donations to charities (including Marin Humane!) through their Apps (accessed by your smart phone, tablet, etc.). They recently changed this, but you need to ensure it is turned on in your settings.This link provides instructions. Thanks for supporting Marin Humane through Amazon Smile – and please share this with your friends and family!

“Birds are finally about to get the protection they deserve.” In this week’s edition of Tails of Marin, Marin Humane Board member and animal protection attorney, Bruce Wagman reminds us of the ongoing fight to protect of flying friends.

Stay strong and be well,

Anne and Candace