Greetings Volunteers,

We wanted to share an update from Nancy McKenney: “Happy Summer! The County will be issuing more news about indoor-based businesses on June 29th. At Marin Humane, we are slowly opening a few programs and services in a gradual, methodical manner. As you may have heard, spay/neuter surgeries for shelter, adoption and foster animals has begun. More dog training classes may be added by mid-July. Staff animal care shifts will continue to be based on our animal population in the shelter. We continue to ask the public to utilize our resources and surrender their animals only if no other options are available; Animal Services will respond to calls while we continue to encourage the public to keep found animals for the first 24 hours, if possible, since the animal’s guardian/owner may be closer than they think. We will continue to require facial coverings and issue reminders regarding staying six feet apart and to frequently wash your hands!

Marin Humane appreciates your patience and support as we continue to navigate through this crisis. Stay tuned for more updates this coming week given more and more people are venturing out and may not be aware that we are not allowing people inside our buildings just to look at the animals and we’re limiting the client and customers we are working with by scheduling their transactions on campus in advance as much as possible.”

Shelter Update: Our current shelter population is 126 animals, with 68 animals in foster and 58 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 8 dogs, 20 cats, 28 kittens (17 will be adopted by Saturday), 1 bearded dragon and 1 rooster. FYI: Last week we transferred-in 30 animals via our Pet Partnership Program (cats, kittens, dogs), which is the reason for the increase in the shelter population.

Adoptions Update: Since SIP started on March 16th, 413 animals have been adopted. This is 48 more adoptions or 10% higher than this time last year. Hooray for our awesome adoptions team!!For this week’s adoption slideshow, click here.

Happy Endings! With all the adoptions happening during SIP, we thought you’d like to hear from one of our recent, grateful adopters :-). “Hi Ruthie & Chad! Hope this finds you well. Thank you so much for bringing Misty into our lives. We can’t begin to describe how much we love her. She is the most amazing dog ever and brings us endless joy–more than we could have ever imagined, and we are so grateful. We wanted to share some fun updates and pictures! We are so proud of her–she is the best, sweetest, and most polite dog. After a tough couple days trying to crate her (heartbreaking howling and digging), we decided to not crate her for bed or when we leave the house. She is an absolute angel with no separation anxiety or destructive habits when we leave (a sad face when the door closes, but no crying or digging). The first time we were worried she would run out when we opened the door, but she just waited at the door eager for us to come in. Although, as of last week she has a new habit where, if Zach or I lag behind, she will come out to the hallway and urgently usher Zach or me into the house. She is the best adventure buddy, and we find ourselves going to new places just so we can take her and watch her excitement. But frankly, it can be taking her on a car ride to pick up fast food, and she will love it. She just loves life so much–swimming at the lake (and whining for you to throw the stick even though it’s time to take a break), digging holes at the beach, and pulling towards squirrels on our daily walks (still working on it)! Oh, and she is never shy about letting you know she wants belly rubs or pets. Thank you so much–we are so lucky.”

News from the Marin Humane Thrift Shop: A very small team of Thrift Shop volunteers are busy at work to prepare for a modified opening in early July. They have cleaned and moved things around within the shop to make more room inside for shoppers. They have created new procedures for the volunteers to follow to maintain the same safety protocols we are all following these days.

The Thrift Shop will be open with modified hours for shopping and specified times donations will be accepted. We will keep you posted on the date of their opening so you can share the news with your families and friends. The shop volunteers know it will be busy as they have reported some wonderful sales simply from people seeing items in the window and contacting them about purchasing!

Marin Humane Calendar Photo Contest Ends Friday! Just a reminder that voting for the Calendar Photo Contest ends this Friday, June 26th at 5:00 PM PST. It’s not too late to participate — hurry up and submit your favorite photo of your cute canine, fabulous feline, or other companion animal and encourage family and friends to vote for your pet (all donations will benefit the shelter animals)! Top vote-getters will be featured on the cover or as one of the pets of the month throughout the year. Calendars will be mailed to more than 10,000 homes in Marin and beyond and every entrant will receive their own copy of the calendar. 

A Mountain Lion Captured in downtown San Francisco! If you’ve been following the story of the lose mountain lion in San Francisco, you’ll enjoy this article, “Meet the two women who caught the mountain lion in San Francisco.”

Hang in there and stay health!

Anne and Candace