Greetings Volunteers,

It’s a time warp, how can it be March already? Just sayin’. 

Shelter update: We currently have 84 animals in our care: 42 animals in foster and 42 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 10 dogs, 19 cats, 6 parrots, 1 pigeon, 1 parakeet, 1 rabbit and 5 hamsters. Since March 16th, we have done 1,716 adoptions!

Adoptions update: Another sunny week of adoptions! You’re sure to enjoy this week’s slideshow full of happy animals and their new families! Many dogs went home this week, plus a few cats and kittens headed off on new adventures. Congratulations to everyone who adopted a new pal.

First Feline? While much of the press has focused on the first dogs, Champ and Major, President Biden and first lady Jill Biden have said they plan to add a first feline to their White House family. As we wait to find out what lucky cat gets to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, you can learn “‘Who scoops the litter box?’ Answers about the mysterious lives of White House cats.” BTW, can you name the cat in the photo to the right?

Happy ending: We’ve got another heartwarming beginning for you! Rumble, now Sokka, was adopted in October last year and now has a new BFF-  her nearly 100 lb. dog brother :). Sokka’s family tells us, “It’s so adorable to see them playing together!”

Tails of Marin: A missing pet can be one of the worst experiences for any pet guardian, but the good thing is there are ways to increase the chance that a lost pet will find his or her way back home. Read “It takes a village to get a missing pet back home” for simple ways to make sure your pet will get home if lost.  A good read on how together, our community can make things better for animals and the people who love them. 

Respect the Nest: WildCare is asking for our help. “It’s almost springtime in the Bay Area, and even as you read this sentence, birds, squirrels and other animals are preparing nests for their newborn and newly-hatched babies in your trees, shrubs and hedges. WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital admits hundreds of injured and orphaned baby animals every spring and summer, many of them victims of tree-trimming and pruning accidents. Nests are camouflaged intentionally, and this means baby animals too often become the victims of chainsaws and clippers. Renowned artist Michael Schwab has created a stunning new graphic to help WildCare remind people everywhere to Respect the Nest!”

Behavior & Training Blog: Click here to read the latest installments on the B&T blog. This blog has fun stories on training triumphs and foibles, cat and dog foster challenges and happy endings along with general musings on living life well with animals. Enjoy!


Have a sunny week!

Anne and Candace