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What would you like to know about Marin Humane? Do you have a burning question you’ve wanted to ask and maybe just didn’t know to whom to direct your query? While we try to provide information in this blog on many of our programs and services that help both animals and people, perhaps you want to know more about a particular program, or how we do adoptions, or who’s on first (staff that is)? Well, we’re introducing a new section of the volunteer blog called “Ask Marin Humane” where we will publish some Q&A in upcoming blog posts.

Shelter update: We currently have 164 animals in our care: 69 animals in foster and 95 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 22 dogs, 3 puppies, 33 cats, 15 kittens, 8 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs, 2 rodents, 2 reptiles, 5 birds and 1 fowl. 

Adoptions updateCongratulations to last week’s families on their new furry (and feathered) friends! It was truly Catapalooza as we bid fond farewells to so many of our felines. Enjoy this week’s adoption slideshow. We still have lots of kitties – and doggos, and bunnies, and hens, and more – waiting for their forever homes! If you’ve been thinking of adding a new family member as we head towards the holiday season, have a look here.

Keep Halloween safe for wildlifeEvery year WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital treats dozens of patients for entanglement injuries. Some of the entanglements are Halloween-related, like the little Screech Owl caught in fake spiderweb decorations a few years ago, and at this time of year, we know that the very next patient admitted could have something spooky or spangly snarled around his body. A pigeon was rescued from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, wrapped, like the little owl, in fake spider web decorations. His rescuer was able to untangle him, but he had a swollen foot that meant he needed medical care at WildCare. Halloween and other holidays for which people decorate the exteriors of their homes are particularly dangerous times for wildlife. Anything that dangles, loops or flutters is a potential hazard. Candy wrappers and increased human activity at Halloween also put animals at risk. Click here to learn how you can help keep wildlife safe this Halloween.

Happy EndingFrom Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care Supervisor: “Charlie is an English Bulldog that was surrendered to Marin Humane two years ago because his owner passed away and their spouse had to move in with a family member who was allergic to him. They were devastated to give him up but had no other choice. I had reached out to Bulldog rescue to see if they had any approved adopters looking for a dog like him and indeed they did. Since I don’t get that many adoption updates anymore being out of the adoption department, I was surprised and thrilled to get this email from Charlie’s adopter today. As you can see, he is living a fabulous life.” And from the adopter: “I just wanted to reach out for a two year follow up for our dog Charlie we adopted from you all. He has really become an essential part of our family unit. My teen boys love playing with him. He’s incredibly smart for his lackadaisical first impression. He is our older dog Skeeters absolute best friend! I would imagine you may not get too many updates a couple years out, but I had a moment of appreciation for Charlie’s placement today and wanted to say thank you. He is really spoiled and loved here.”

Volunteer High Five! If we want anything fostered — and I mean anything — we know we can call Kim Oga! Ok, probably not any type of animal but for sure any dog, guinea pig or rabbit. Kim is always ready to add one more four legged friend to her home. And, thankfully, her husband is very supportive of her fostering. This Volunteer High Five could be for the over two dozen dogs she has fostered for us but it’s for the bunny Mr. Bunz aka Eclipse. Rabbits, especially one with all black fur and a bit older, are very hard for us to adopt out. But when this stray came to us we thought with his very soft Rex fur and sweet personality it might not take too long.

Kim agreed to take in Mr. Bunz in March and we had hoped it would just be for several weeks. Well, that wasn’t the case. As the months went by and more rabbits came to shelter that were younger and well, a bit more colorful, Mr. Bunz was getting no inquires. So we decided to re-write his adoption profile, re-name him (Eclipse), add some incredible photos of him. We all thought that now he should get some interest. But sadly those changes didn’t help.

But in August we met a very mature young lady who had been pleading with her parents for a bunny. They asked her to write a report about bunny care, checked out our rabbits online and she wanted to meet Eclipse. When she did, it was a match made in heaven. She was so gentle with him and after talking with Kim she knew he was the right bunny for her. Thanks to Kim, this beautiful older bunny found the best home ever. It took some time but for him it was worth it. THANK YOU Kim for fostering this special bunny for over five months. And for always willing to foster whenever we call.” ~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator

Tails of Marin: Next week is National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week! This gives us a perfect opportunity to recognize our wonderful veterinary clinic staff: Andrea, Charles, Laura, Lizzie, Mara and Stephanie. Three big cheers to this hard-working team for helping to keep the animals in our care healthy and thriving! Marin Humane is so fortunate to have three Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) on staff, Andrea, Charles and Stephanie, who work with our two veterinarians to ensure all the animals are well cared for. Read more about this wonderful duo in this week’s Tails of Marin, “Veterinary techs are key in animal shelter work.

Columbia Sportswear discount: Just in time for a cold (and hopefully wet) winter, Marin Humane staff and volunteers have exclusive access to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store from October 8th- October 31st only! Please see the  Columbia Sportswear Store Fall Invitation for details. Happy shopping!

 Wishing you a terrific week!

Candace & Anne