Greetings volunteers,

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall, yeah! Bring on the rain, I say! There’s much to share so let’s get to it …

Shelter update: We currently have 201 animals in our care: 67 animals in foster and 134 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 13 dogs, 38 cats, 24 kittens, 10 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 34 rodents (see story below), 3 reptiles, 4 birds and 1 fowl. 

Adoptions updateHappy Hump Day! I’ve heard that Wednesdays are volunteer’s favorite day because you get to look back on a week’s worth of sweet adoptions. And wow, it was a puppy party last week! Check out the video of happy families if your day could use a little boost. Some of you may recall that we used to share an adoption report every week, so in addition to the adoption slideshow, you could see the names of the animals adopted each week. Well, back by popular demand, drum roll please, here is the Adoption Report!

Adopt a “little”: We recently took in a whole lot of littles – 48 animals in total! – from a fellow shelter that just needed a bit more room. We were happy to help out! If you’ve been hankering for some hamster cuddles or rattie snuggles, we’ve got you covered! We have both males and females, and we have both pairs and singles, so just let us know what you’re looking for. If interested in a adding a cute new critter, give adoptions a call at 415-506-6225 or send an email. Our awesome adoption team will find your perfect match!

Happy Ending: Sometimes the simple notes of gratitude from our adopters can make your day. Here’s one: “My new best friend is the best ever. Kisa, who I have renamed after my maternal grandmother to ‘Minnie,’ is such a loving companion. She is sitting on my lap as I type this to you. I am forever grateful  to you. I hope we have many years together. With heartfelt gratitude!”

Volunteer High Five! In recognition of the one-year anniversary of the Outside Greeter volunteers, I wanted to send this well-deserved Volunteer High Five to the entire team of Outside Greeters! This group has been helping Marin Humane guests seven days a week, from 10am to 5:30pm, in the rain and wind and heat of the seasons since October 2020. They accept donations from our caring community, direct students to their B&T classes, answer questions about our adoption program, greet fosters waiting for their appointments, give pet food to the unsheltered & those in need, engage with new adopters and their new pets, and help with anything else that comes their way during their shift.

The Outside Greeters not only share their wide range of knowledge of Marin Humane, they are also super compassionate with adopters & fosters, as well as those coming to the shelter to surrender their pets or to pick up their beloved pets ashes. It’s a volunteer gig where no two shifts are alike.

Some of the Outside Greeters are new to this role while others were Greeters inside the shelter in pre-Covid times. All enjoy the variety in their day and being ambassadors for Marin Humane as our guests first point of contact. And the staff are so appreciative of all they do! Thank you Outside Greeters! You definitely make lives happy every day you’re at the shelter!” ~ Candace Alexander

 (P.S. If you would like to join this outstanding team of volunteers, there are a few open shifts. Please contact me at

Tails of Marin: In this week’s Tails of Marin, “Protect your pets from Halloween’s tricks and treats,” we offer that Halloween doesn’t have to be a hair-raising event for our furry companions. With a little planning and a little caution, your pets can also have a safe and healthy holiday.

B&Tea Blog: Did you miss the latest blog post from the Behavior & Training department? Well, here you go: “Rant” sure to inform and entertain with a smattering of humor :). 

 Wishing you a terrific week!

Candace & Anne