Greetings volunteers,

Hey, did you know that Friday, October 29th is National Cat Day?! Time to celebrate your favorite feline! Or, if you’re looking to add a fluffy friend to your home, how could you resist sweet Charley here? He’s 9 years old, loves wand toys, a spot of sunshine to lay in, and will purrrr endlessly in your lap. 

Shelter update: We currently have 225 animals in our care: 76 animals in foster and 149 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 21 dogs, 1 puppy, 43 cats, 25 kittens, 13 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 31 rodents, 2 reptiles, 4 birds and 3 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Despite the crazy weather this past week, we had a great week of adoptions – from kittens to tarantulas and everything in between. Check out this video if you could use some extra sunshine today! And if you’d like more details of the animals adopted last week  here is the Adoption Report!

Happy ending! About one year ago, I called Marin Humane looking to adopt a cat. Ruthie (in adoptions) was so gracious and kind and supported me with the adoption process and I was THE luckiest when I adopted Coco & Moana (formerly, Joey& Jiffy). My life has forever changed and I wanted to share an update, as I am so grateful for your help. Coco & Moana settled at home pretty nicely (& quickly). They were exactly as described by their foster parents: playful, cuddly, and loved watching TV. 

Unfortunately, our time with Moana (formerly Jiffy) was cut short as we lost her on January 3, 2021. We had many visits to the vet both in Novato & Mill Valley and although we only had Moana for a short period of time, she forever changed my life and left the biggest imprint on my heart. I miss her every day.

Coco (formerly Joey) however, is the most handsome and sweet boy. He loves to play, run up and down the stairs, loves his treats, and loves to cuddle (on his own terms of course). He loves to play hide & seek and LOOOVES to ‘scare’ me as I turn a corner. He loves drinking water from his flower fountain and his favorite dinner is salmon. He has his own “room” inside my closet where he goes to take his daily naps. Coco has been my biggest blessing and my very best friend. THANK YOU for introducing us last October, I am forever grateful and I simply wanted say thank you for my biggest & happiest blessing this past year.”

Tails of Marin: When most people think of animal shelters, dogs and cats come to mind. But at many shelters, including Marin Humane, there are lots of other critters looking for their forever homes. One of the more misunderstood animals — which actually make for a great pet — is the domesticated rat. “I’ve had pretty much every kind of pet you can imagine and by far, rats are my favorite,” says Marin Humane animal care manager Samantha Winegarner. “They’re smart, social — with both cage mates and people —they’re incredibly fun to watch and quite fastidious.” Moreover, according to an article in the Washington Post, studies suggest ratdream when they sleep, giggle when tickled, andgrind their teeth (called bruxing) with pleasure when stroked, similar to when cats purr. Read the full Tails of Marin article here, and if you’d like to check out the 25 rats we recently took in from another shelter, peek at these little guys and girls who are looking for homes.

Rabbit fosters urgently needed: As we’ve posted before, we still need more foster homes for our shelter rabbits! Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) has made its way to the US. Because this disease is extremely contagious and usually fatal (only to rabbits), we have to quarantine all rabbits that come into the shelter for two full weeks. This is definitely no fun for the incoming buns, who have to spend that full two weeks isolated from other bunnies, and it’s also difficult for our staff, who have to manage limited housing options. So we’re currently seeking more rabbit foster homes! This will help us care for more rabbits and ensure that each bunny gets as much attention and socialization as possible while going through quarantine. Foster for just a couple weeks to cover the quarantine period, or longer-term, until your foster bun finds their forever home – it’s up to you! Rabbits can be super fun companions and we’ll provide you with everything you need to care for them. If you are interested fostering a rabbit, or just want to learn more, reach out to our foster coordinator, Suzanne, at

Cats 101: Whether you just adopted a kitty or are planning on adding a cat to your family (maybe Charley above?!), our virtual Cats 101 workshop is just the place to be on November 4. Get awesome bonding ideas, learn how to prevent litter box problems and destructive scratching, and master enriching play techniques to keep your kitty content. We’ll also go over our favorite foods, litters, and toys. It’s easy to join via Zoom from the comfort of home! Get the details and save your spot in this Thursday, November 4 workshop here.

Backpacks needed: Do you have an old backpack buried in a closet you don’t need anymore? The Pet Care Assistance program will take it! Occasionally we get pet food requests from people who are either on foot or bicycle so a backpack would really come in handy. If you have a backpack or two to donate, you can drop it off in our donation bin in the front of the shelter. Thank you!

 Wishing you a dry, safe week!

Candace & Anne