Greetings Volunteers,

One reminder this week … please VOTE!!

Shelter update: We currently have 118 animals in our care: 45 animals in foster and 73 animals in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 39 cats, 12 kittens, 18 dogs, 2 parakeets and 1 turtle.

Adoptions update: Welcome to another magical week of adoptions! Thank you and congrats to all the adopters who added new family members last week. Enjoy this slideshow of adoptions! Since SIP began in mid-March, we’ve made 1,247 happy matches (adoptions). We hope everyone stayed safe during the red flag warning and could “power” through another PSPS. If you don’t have a disaster plan in place that includes your pets, please take a moment to check out the resources on our site here

Happy ending/happy beginning! Volunteer Jan writes us that “Brigitte (in customer service) and Catherine (adoptions) gave us the wonderful opportunity to foster for one night a little stray that arrived from Bakersfield late in the day on July 18th.  WELL, needless to say, that one night turned into a forever home for our dear little ‘Lucky.’  He is a piece of heaven!! We are enjoying his cuddles and silliness to the max and as you can see, he actually loves boat rides. We are leaving for the desert in about a week and hopefully he will make the transition smoothly. Love receiving your Volunteer Blogs and look forward to joining Marin Humane “workforce” once again upon our return. Thanks for  all the good things you do for the volunteers.”

Volunteer High Fives! As you may recall from the old normal days, our staff would frequently write “High Fives” to recognize a volunteer or team of volunteers who went “above and beyond.” It’s been awhile but wanted to share two High Fives from this month:

“We have slowly had an increase in our animal transport needs over the past few weeks. The transports are usually to other shelters to pick up or drop off animals and to drop off animals at rescues where they are going. In the past five days, Garry has done three transports to San Francisco for us! The first trip was to take a dog to Muttville rescue. Literally one hour after Garry got on the road to drop-off that dog, I got a confirmation email that another dog needed to go to the SF SPCA which happens to be in the same building as Muttville. Without hesitation, Garry agreed to do the transport the next day. Today, we had a last-minute transport request to pick up animals from SF SPCA. Keri called Garry and not shortly after that, Garry was on the road back to San Francisco. We appreciate Garry’s flexibility and willingness to help us get animals to and from where they need to go. Thank you, Garry, for all of your time spent transporting animals for us. We couldn’t do it without you!” – Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care Supervisor

“When we were given the okay to bring back a few volunteers, our first call was to Carol Hepsley. Since July 15, she has come to the shelter every Friday to pick up 5-10 food deliveries for Pet Care Assistance and Pet Safety Net clients. She calls each client to let them know she is coming and relays any client updates to us. The deliveries take her to every corner of the county. One delivery in Fairfax involves three flights of stairs three times because there are three parts to the order. We estimate Carol has delivered over 1,200 pounds of food! Thank you, Carol, for your Collaborative Spirit and Compassion with Courage.” – Shilo Landis, Community Engagement Assistant

Animal Photography for Kids: This terrific workshop is BACK, but we’re going virtual for everyone’s safety! Our theme on Saturday, November 7 will be “Fun with Furry Friends” as you photograph daily activities with your own companion animals – no prior camera experience required! Our veteran instructor will teach kids age 8 and up the best techniques to capture great photos and also provide handouts on basic photography principles. Even while we’re staying home, we can still have a great time, learn new things, and enjoy our furry companions! Get all the details for this super-fun workshop here.

Tails of Marin! Speaking of kids, our Social Media & Marketing Coordinator Julia Lamont wrote this week’s Tails of Marin about how to prepare pets for a baby’s arrival! She’s expecting in November so she’s done her research. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!

Anne and Candace