Greetings volunteers,

Did you know that licensing your dog is not only the law, but it’s also the fastest way to reunite your fur-friend with you if lost? Even if your dog is microchipped, a license tag is immediately visible and doesn’t require a scanning device to read. A current license lets people know that your dog has received the required vaccination to protect your dog from rabies. And, the fee you pay for your dog’s license or license renewal helps support the animal shelter and all the wonderful work done by the staff and volunteers! That’s my Boomer rockin’ his license! It’s super easy to get or renew your license; if you’ve got any questions on licensing, click here

Shelter update: We currently have 155 animals in our care: 60 animals in foster and 95 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 12 dogs, 5 puppies, 32 cats, 25 kittens, 6 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs, 2 rodents, 2 reptiles, 2 birds and 5 fowl. 

Adoptions updateWelcome to October! It’s the perfect time of year to adopt a new cuddly companion who can keep you cozy on those chilly fall nights. And though it’s lovely this week, the chilly nights are coming soon, and when they’re here, you’ll be so glad to have a furry (or feathered!) sidekick. Thank you to all of last week’s adopters for giving these wonderful animals their forever homes! Enjoy the adoption slideshow!

Community Clinic: On Saturday, we hosted another successful free community veterinary clinic in San Rafael. 71 pets received a cursory exam, vaccinations, microchip, flea meds, a license, pet food, and leashes/collars/harnesses. Also, the cat microchips offered were a tribute to Margareta Luff who worked at Marin Humane for over 40 years; Margaretta had donated cat microchips every year with the goal that every cat in Marin County would be microchipped. A huge round of a-paws to Drs. Erin Bennett and Monica Ortiz of San Marin Animal Hospital for volunteering their time at this clinic!

Got dog treats? Dog treats play a critical role in the shelter, as you can probably imagine, and we go through soooo many each month. We’re constantly reordering! We use treats for training when our shelter dogs are out on walks, we use them for enrichment in the kennels (a treat hidden inside a toy can provide a lot of entertainment!), we use them to soothe and reassure new arrivals or when a dog needs vaccinations, and of course we also use them to reward all the pups for being so dang cute. A good, smelly treat is the way to a dog’s heart! Would you be able to help us out by ordering some dog treats off our Amazon Wish List? The treats will be delivered straight to our door! You can also pick up similar treats anywhere you like to shop and drop them off in person during our open hours. We – and the doggos! – would be so grateful!

Tails of MarinIn “More reasons to keep your cats svelte,” Lisa Bloch, our director of marketing & communications, tells us grooming is incredibly important for an animal’s health and well-being. If you’ve got a chonky cat and working on a weight-loss program, you’ll also want to ensure your feline friend is doing a good job of grooming :).

B&Tea Blog: Wonderful raconteur and volunteer Neil Lurssen shares the story of “Mistaken identities” in this week’s B&Tea blog. Enjoy!

Help needed! The Community Engagement department is looking for a volunteer to help produce their quarterly volunteer newsletter in Microsoft Publisher. Do you have awesome Publisher skills and want to volunteer from home? Contact Shilo Landis, Community Engagement Coordinator at

 Wishing you a pawsitively wonderful week!

Candace & Anne