Greetings Volunteers,

Happy first day of fall! Fall means different things to different people, but it’s certainly a season drenched in tradition. What are some of the traditions you’ll be enjoying this fall? 

Shelter update: We currently have 179 animals in our care: 87 animals in foster and 92 in the shelter. The shelter residents include: 14 dogs, 4 puppies, 32 cats, 22 kittens, 9 rabbits, 3 rodents, 2 reptiles, 2 birds and 4 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Congratulations to all the families who added a new member last week and thank you for adopting. There were lots of adoptions so you’ll get an extra dose of happy beginnings with this week’s adoption slideshow

Together at Last, Gala 2021: The big night, Gala 2021, is just a few days away – this Saturday, September 25th! If you are not able to attend but would like to support the shelter animals, consider bidding on one of the silent auction items (check out all of the silent auction items here) or donating to this year’s Fund a Need – the Community Engagement programs. To get started, please send an email to with your name, e-mail and cell phone number by end of day Thursday. You’ll then get directions on how to bid. Thank you!

Happy ending: “My husband and I wanted to thank you for everything with regards to our adoption of Eevee last month. We changed her name to Suki which means ‘loved one’ in Japanese. She has fit in really well and loves playing fetch in our large backyard as well as with our blind Min Pin Tenor, who you met on our adoption day. She adores playing fetch, catching some sun, and traveling in the car with us. Although we think she’s the one who rescued us from our grief in losing our 15 year old Min Pin Sophie. We absolutely adore her and will give her a long and healthy life with us. Thank you again for everything.”

Lost pets reunited! We’ve included some wonderful stories in this Blog about pets being reunited with their guardians because they were microchipped. Well, our Animal Services Division has been working hard to increase the number of lost pets with their loved ones. Jessica Saavedra, one of our Customer Service Representatives, shares this: “The Animal Services Division participated in the Maddie’s Fund ‘No Place like Home’ challenge grant in March of this year. Our team was dedicated to increasing our ‘Return to Home’ rates for lost pets we encounter. Throughout the month, we generated new techniques to help reunite lost pets with their families. For example, flyers were posted in the location where the stray animal was found, changes were made to our website (including a Spanish version of the English dialog), and we established better communication for lost & found pet reports between the field officers & front office staff through a social networking service called Yammer. As a result of these new techniques, our new efforts worked!

We have continued using these techniques even after the challenge to continue our success of reuniting more lost/found pets. The Customer Service team then launched a lost pet online submission form which allows the public to enter lost reports on our website (which also enters them directly into our database). This allows us to track lost & found reports and provide us with accurate statistics. We’re tracking specific ways lost animals are being reunited with their guardians, such as through social media sites like Nextdoor, microchips, flyers, calling Marin Humane for staff assistance, etc. Surprisingly, we realized that creating flyers and having our Animal Service Officer’s post the flyers helped owners find their pets that were brought in as strays. 

Here’s just one wonderful success story: Officer Adrienne Russo responded to a stray tortoise in Novato. The tortoise had been burrowed in the hillside and was discovered by workers that were weed whacking in the area. Front office created flyers to post around the neighborhood as we felt that the tortoise must have a guardian that was missing him. The guardian saw Officer Russo and her truck while she was out posting the flyers. When he went to see what she had been doing, he discovered the flyers for his tortoise that had been missing for 3 weeks. The owner called and came to the shelter right away to be reunited with his tortoise.”

Tails of Marin: “For decades, we saw ourselves at Marin Humane primarily as an animal shelter, taking in strays and pets surrendered by their guardians. These guardians, many in tears, felt they had no choice but to make the gut-wrenching decision to give up their pet. The most common reason was financial difficulties. Some couldn’t afford veterinary treatment, some couldn’t afford a trainer for troublesome behavior and some couldn’t even afford pet food.

While we had some resources to help seniors with pets, we were limited in who else we could help. We took in these animals and found loving homes for them, but were heartbroken to see so many people who loved their pets dearly giving them up. So, three years ago, we embarked on a new venture. We began raising funds to create a “pet safety net” for struggling pet parents.” Read the full story on our Pet Safety Net in this week’s Tails of Marin.

B&Tea Blog: Do you have a dog who loves to swim? Or a dog that you’d love to teach to swim? Well, then you’ll enjoy this week’s B&Tea Blog post, “The Canine 100 Meter Freestyle or Teaching Your Dog to Swim.”

Have a wonderful first week of fall!

Candace & Anne