We hope this finds you staying healthy and adapting to the ongoing shelter in place situation. We are plugging along, working from home, and staying busy. Thank you to all those who’ve checked in – we really love hearing from you!

Below are some updates, links, and bits of information:

Shelter update: there are only 23 animals in the shelter – 1 dog, 1 turtle, 1 dove, and 20 cats. All of the animals that can go to foster are currently in loving foster homes. Our animal care staff continues to provide their usual excellent care of the resident animals. The Animal Service Officers are also continuing to provide emergency response within the county. We’ve added a COVID-19 FAQ page on our website, which will be updated regularly.

Fun foster update: Foster Kim Bromley writes this about her two sweet foster dogs: “Poppy and Melvin are doing great! They’re the perfect activity for sheltering in place. We’ve been working primarily on house training for the last two weeks. Lots of success with Melvin. Poppy has the occasional accident, but those are my fault. Melvin has a good recall and “wait.” Poppy is learning “off,” “wait” and she has the very beginnings of a “sit.” Not too shabby for two dogs coming from their previous living situation. They are both super affectionate (Melvin is still wary of my husband Dave, but since Dave started feeding him we’ve seen some progress there) and great with our dogs and our cat (Poppy likes to lick Lorenzo’s face, probably because it tastes like cat food). They’re both shy of new people, but since we’re practicing distance that’s a great increment in spacial relationships to start. Poppy is more eager to say hello to folks she doesn’t know, but both now have the bonus of taking new intros slowly since I’m not supposed to get too close to those we encounter on our walks. And they really like their morning walk! Both are great on leash and happy to have me put on their harnesses. And of course they’re eating like it’s an Olympic competition. Big change from when they first arrived at Marin Humane. Poppy continues to put on healthy weight and Melvin is a lean and healthy young guy. We’re really enjoying them and watching their progress!”

Looking for some things to do at home?
Our HR director compiled this list of Free Mindfulness & Fitness Apps.
Explore Live Cams hosts a huge variety of live streaming cameras on animals around the planet! Watch elephants, gorillas, eagles, manatees, and many more animals all in their natural habitats. So many to watch and so relaxing 🙂
• Experience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home. Click here for virtual tours of 12 museums around the world!
• And closer to home, take a virtual tour of the Winchester Mystery House.
Or head to outer space or one of our national parks with virtual field trips to Mars or Yellowstone here.

We’re in the news!: When HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) sent out a query to animal shelters cross the country asking if any incorporated volunteers with disabilities into their organization, Anne quickly responded. For over four years, we’ve hosted Compassion Corner for people with cognitive or developmental disabilities. Read about Compassion Corner and other programs in “Ready and Able.”

Congratulations Anne Oliver!! On Friday, March 27th, Anne celebrated her 30th anniversary at Marin Humane! Though we couldn’t toast Anne together at the shelter, we sent huge kudos and hugs to her. Nancy McKenney said, “Thank you for all your hard work, leadership, compassion and support of Marin Humane. We have a solid volunteer program thanks to your direction and guidance. And who can forget your famous vegan treats, your work in Customer Service, how you fostered and provided a loving home to some special cats and your refrain, volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization!!” Three cheers for Anne!

Be well everyone. And please stay in touch!

Anne & Candace