This is the kind of story we really like to tell – a story of survival, of skill in animal care, of compassion for an animal in distress, of all these things and more.

It is the story of this little fellow, Gulliver, and how very different he was when he came to the Marin Humane shelter in the first week of April. He looked then like a walking disaster. Come to the shelter and see him now.

Gulliver had been living alone in the San Pablo Bay wetlands, in the north of SF Bay – a great place for experienced bird-watchers but an area of great danger even for animals born in the wild, let alone a little pet dog. In the weeks he was roaming around, he picked up much of the hazardous stuff found in marshlands – ticks, maggots, fleas, sharp and penetrating foxtails. All these things found shelter in the stinking mud that plastered his once handsome coat. Eventually he was trapped in a cage used to catch the feral cats in the marsh.

In the shelter’s clinic, Dr. Anne Miller saw that under all that awful muck and infestation was a little Poodle/Schnauzer who needed our help. The clinic set to work. Our groomers reached for their scissors and shampoo and worked their magic on the tumbleweed that confronted them. Underneath it all, they found the beauty you see here – Gulliver, named by Lisa Bloch, our Marketing Director, because of his travels and adventures.

Here is Gulliver at the Marin Humane shelter today, posing for a mugshot and taking a rollover in a paddock. We reckon Gulliver is about 18 months old, he weighs a trim 17-lb, and he has come through his ordeals in good health and good humor. His adventures are over – but the fun is just beginning for this sweet little guy awaiting his a new family.

Watch this video for Gulliver’s remarkable transformation.

P.S. Great news … Gulliver was adopted on April 25th!