A happy dogOften, senior animals have a harder time finding new homes compared to their younger counterparts. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Marin Humane is able to provide all animals who come through our doors with the time and care they need until they’re adopted by a loving family.

Monique is just one example of an older dog who needed to stay in our care for an extended period of time. At 9-years-old, Monique was surrendered to Marin Humane in December 2022 because her original guardian could no longer care for her. When she came to our shelter, she was seriously obese and had extreme difficulty walking or even standing, and had to be pushed around in a cart.

Upon a medical examination by our staff veterinarians, Monique received a dental cleaning to get rid of significant calculus on her teeth. She then went to live with a dedicated foster volunteer, who noted her mellow disposition and love of pets, brushing, and just being near her “main person.”

Monique began to lose wait and enjoyed strolls with her foster family. After several months, a new family met Monique and adopted her in the spring of 2023. Monique is now living happily with her family, thanks to the support of our donors like you!