Fish & Chips UpdateHello everyone,

I wanted to let you l know how Fish & Chips have been doing since their adoption a few months ago.

First, they are now Darwin (Chips) & Wallace (Fish). They are both real sweethearts and extremely playful. I cannot emphasize how important it was for them to be adopted together. It not only allowed them to have someone to lean on for comfort during this traumatic and confusing transition, but they are two hilarious peas in a pod (cats in a clowder?). They are well taken care of and deeply loved by my wife and I.

They have made themselves quite at home and have leapt upon and discovered every nook and cranny. They act as if this has been their home forever. They have been a loving, happy addition to our family.

Thank you all for bringing us together.

John, Ann & the boys.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society