busterhappyendingDear Marin Humane Society:

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. One year ago yesterday I came to your shelter, saw the cutest 5 month old black lab wagging his tail like crazy in his kennel, took him out to your play area and decided probably within 5 minutes he was coming home with me. I have never once regretted that decision and in fact, I can’t imagine our life or our home without Buster.

HUGE thanks to my friend Suzanne Gollin who works in your Behavior and Training department. She’d been looking for a Lab for me for over a year … we had a few false starts … and I was thinking she was gonna give up on me. But she didn’t and she found the most perfect dog I could have ever hoped to have. Without Suzanne, Buster wouldn’t be lighting up our home each and every day.

I also want to say I think you have a fantastic organization. All the extras you guys give with an adoption is amazing and you’ve given me a ton of great advice since I brought Buster home. You guys do so much for so many animals … and for so many humans too. You should be commended. Thanks again!

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society