Zeke-15Eleven years ago this past January we adopted this handsome guy from Marin Humane?he was very peppy and nervous, even a little snappish. He was five years old, an owner surrender, who was from the animal shelter in Madera. He’d been lucky to be in one of the animals save by Marin Humane Society when it empties an overcrowded shelter to give it room to save more animals. My husband and I had dogs before, but it had been many years ago, we didn’t realize what a love affair this would become.

At first Zeke didn’t want to be touched, so he liked my husband best. He sat in his lap, untouched, every evening and he growled if any family member approached. We just gave him space. He wasn’t so much into food, so treats were ignored.

However, he was avid on “squirrel patrol” and ran around our backyard keeping them at bay. The squirrels sat on the top of our fence and flicked their fluffy tails while he just went crazy barking and jumping (never ever getting close). He’s always had two walks a day, and even now leads the way on much of the walk, unless of course he’s sniffing at something good.

As the years have gone on we have all evolved. Now Zeke winds through my legs like a cat, he noses my hand for me to pet him, and easily rolls onto his back for a belly rub. He could stand still for as long as I would scratch him, behind his ears, at the base of his talk, around his neck. When one of us is sick Zeke’s on the bed, pushed up against us, all day long, which is incredibly comforting. His hearing isn’t as good as it was, but he can still hear a whistle and comes running?and also manages to hear the word, “TREAT” which brings him in from the yard.

We recently moved and there are no squirrels in our yard anymore?but there are cats! So the games are on, his patrol is needed, and he’s up for the job. I know my husband cares for Zeke as no other. He told me the other day he hopes Zeke lives to be 27! We enjoy every minute with this guy and are so thankful he was saved from the Valley shelter so he could save us from a life that would have been empty without him.

I know you must get letters like this all the time and I’ve got to assume that you understand how much Zeke has meant to us. I hope Zeke knows how much we love him.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society