Many of our volunteers will fondly remember Harper, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, who was at Marin Humane for many months. We hope you enjoy the following update from Harper’s adopters who simply adore her:

“As everyone at Marin Humane seems to know, Harper is a an intelligent, perceptive and very sweet lady.  She was polite and quiet when she first came to live with us, but as she settled in, learned to trust us and realized that this is her forever home her playfulness and caring have emerged.

And her ability to sing has opened full force.  She really does carry a tune and has specific sounds for things.  For instance, when I cover her with a blanket at night she makes a low, contented sound.  And she has a strong sense of time.  Every morning at 5:30 she makes a quiet sobbing sound signaling that she wants to get up on the bed with us.  Then, at 7:00 she signals that it is breakfast time, and at 4:30 PM she reminds us that it is time to begin preparing dinner.  All that with different vocalizations.

Harper has a rather unique situation here as she lives with my wife and I but the family that helps with the ranch lives in a separate residence on the property.  There are dog doors in each place so Harper can go wherever she pleases.  She already knows that meal time is different in both homes so she coordinates her kitchen visits with that.

Most importantly, our caretaker’s 7 year old daughter and Harper have formed a precious relationship.  Harper is her nanny and cares for her with amazing tenderness.  But then she comes roaring back to us with a loud clap of the dog door to cuddle, retrieve balls or sit on the deck surveying her domain.

She has several acres of fenced yard to monitor.  She has mapped every inch of its varied habitat and is the worst nightmare of any wildlife that dares to venture in. Fortunately they have also learned to watch for her so they easily evade her mock aggressiveness.  But, wow, those short legs can carry her far and  fast.

She is also a master of catching balls.  We launch one across the field and she is there before it arrives.  Bounce a ball and she leaps high to grab it before it can fall to the ground.  Her agility is truly amazing.

Harper did get her baptism into country living the other day.  I was walking her off leash on a field that borders a small stream.  She lifted her nose into the breeze and took off like a rocket.  Confidently waiting for her was a resident whose defense mechanism is an accurate stream of malodorous pee.  Yes, she was skunked and even now, a week and several baths later, the aromatic memory lingers on.  Fortunately we don’t mind  the aroma and Harper even acts proud of her perfume.

I know it is an old story at Marin Humane but I was not wanting to adopt another critter.  We had decided that we would be dogless for awhile and enjoy the freedom to travel whenever the spirit moved.  But one day I secretly scanned the adoption pages on the MH website and Harper’s picture had an irresistible pull.  We are so happy that she almost spontaneously came into our lives. And there won’t be any more traveling this year as we don’t want to be apart from Harper.

Thank you to all of you who recognized Harper’s specialness and had faith in her finding a new home.  Almost six months at the shelter is a long time but the kindness she was shown by staff, volunteers, and her special foster family (Mr. and Mrs. Derek Holmes) let her make the transition to a permanent home very smooth.”