IMG_0630We had recently lost Luna, our beloved Chihuahua mix (also a rescue), and we were utterly heartbroken. We thought maybe we should wait to get another dog but then we though, why wait? Another rescue dog certainly wouldn’t think it was too soon to find their forever home.There was a dog out there who needed us and we knew that finding that dog would heal us, too.

After looking online, we knew that the only way to really know is to come and meet them, so we headed over to the Marin Humane Society. We met “Daphne” right as we were about to leave. We took one look at her incredibly sweet face and asked if we could spend some time with her. She was a bit skittish, full of beans and energy and entirely different from our former dog. We decided to sleep on it. The following day we placed a hold on her and by Sunday afternoon we were signing the adoption papers.

Each day that Lily’s been with us we’ve seen her grow more comfortable, more peaceful, more relaxed. She’s a bright little girl, too, and learns very quickly. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve been blessed with such a sweet soul to love and we plan to spoil her rotten just as we did with our dear Luna. That’s all we want to do: give her the love, care and affection that she deserves and needs. Forever.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society