camera shy paigePaige has now been a part of the family for a month. She settled into the quiet routine of my husband and I, our old Lab, Sammy and bunny, Briar. But now that the holidays are here and my boys are home from college she has slipped back a bit to the scared little girl we adopted. But just a gentle reminder is all she needs to remember that new people aren’t that scary. I try to tell everyone to let Paige make the first move, she is slow in trusting anyone, but once she know you are ok, she is a doll.

Chasing the bunny is still a fun game, but Briar turns it around and does a little chasing right back. I believe it is their own fun game. Paige adores Sammy and often curls up with her when she doesn’t want to go out for her walk in the rain. Paige is a sweet, smart girl and I adore her. Thank you to all at the Humane Society for giving this little girl a home until she could find her perfect forever home.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society