8_imageLola was featured as 1 of 57 dogs that were rescued from S. Korea as part of the dog meat trade and brought to the SF bay area to be adopted. I first saw Lola’s sad face on the Marin Humane Society’s Facebook and I knew immediately she was meant to be my dog. My family and I made plans to visit her once she was ready for adoption. On April 15th 2015 my family and I drove from Santa Cruz CA to Marin County in hopes of adopting Lola. My wish came true that day after spending about 2-3 hrs with her at the Humane Society we agreed to start the paperwork on the adoption process. Since she came from a small cramped cage and knew nothing of kindness she was shy and timid and very nervous about everything and anyone.

As of today I can proudly say she is THRIVING on the love she has in my home. She no longer stress sheds, hides from people, walks with her tail and head down, instead she is a happy dog who loves long walks and by long i mean 2.5hr long walks. Everyone in our neighborhood LOVES her, they give her treats and always have a head scratch or pat waiting for her. She is a giant blanket and bed hog who loves dog biscuits as a treat. I thank you Marin Humane, Gordon (her volunteer handler) and all the people who have helped her including Lola Webber and Adam (both of Humane Society International) for saving her.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society