IMG_0600In December 2006 we adopted our German-Shepherd mix, Teddy, as a puppy from MHS. After volunteering for almost 2 years as a dog pet pal at the shelter, I patiently waited for the perfect puppy. I learned a litter of puppies had arrived and made my husband rush over to pick one out. He sent me a picture, and I was immediately smitten.

From day one, Teddy was the most loyal, loving, and protective companion. He had his faults (like covering up his food dish if he wasn’t in the mood to eat, and escaping on unsupervised jaunts around the neighborhood). Unlike my husband, I forgave all of his flaws because it was clear Teddy and I had a special bond. No matter where I was, he was right by my side, and if I was sad or upset, he was immediately there to comfort me.

My love for him grew even stronger when we had children, and it soon became apparent he would do anything to protect them. Sadly, on July 15, 2013, our family lost our sweet Teddy way too soon to aggressive, inoperable tongue cancer. Even though I miss him terribly, he impacted my life is so many wonderful ways. I am so grateful to MHS for giving me the gift of this special companion.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society