IMG_3127This is Baci. We adopted her almost 8 years ago. She was about 15 months old and her name then was Praily. We bonded right away, and she is such a loyal and smart dog with a big personality. She is happy doing anything that involves coming along, even kayaking. She goes to the office every day, and she makes sure I get some fresh air during the day. She loves hikes and runs a half-marathon easily.

When we got a kitten a year and a half ago, she became the patient and gentle big sister.
Having lived together for so long, it is amazing how well we know each other. She knows what different clothes means, and we can communicate with looks and small gestures. And of course, sometime she pretends not to hear or see anything!

Baci is a little grayer around the snout now than when we first met at Marin Humane Society, but here is to many more happy years together!

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society