We met Max (now Jackson) in July 2013 at the Marin Humane Society. Boy was this 8 month old German Shepherd frisky! He was also attentive, and even followed a few commands. Later in the week we introduced our Max, 12 year old German Shepherd, to Max Junior. It was evident that Max Senior was having some tolerance issues with this snappy, energetic upstart! We know Max Senior well. He is a very large (120lbs at the time) and powerful dog. He came to love our Siamese Heckle and they would play for hours.

It did take awhile for Max Senior to get used to “Junior.” However, when we decided to change his name from Max Junior to Jackson, Old Max started to really warm up to him!

When we brought Jack home, Max was showing some real signs of age, including lethargy, dementia and bladder problems. Once he started getting out with Jack, he really rose to the challenge of showing him the ropes. Here we thought the new kid would help Max through his golden years. Now It looks like we will get another 12 years out of him!!!

Thank you for helping us adopt Jackson and helping to bring Max lack to life!

Bryan, Robin, Adryan, Max, Jackson and Heckle.

Story submitted to Marin Humane Society