It’s been two years since Pippa and I entered the Marin Humane Society’s Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) training program, also known as Special Human Animal Relationships (SHARE). We’ve been out in the field for 18 months visiting schools, hospitals, libraries and community events.

Amy&PippaOur duties have taken us to kindergarten classrooms where the little ones practice their reading skills on Pippa (she gives them all an A+). We work in waiting rooms at radiation treatment facilitates and at camps where kids of all ages interact with her.

Pippa is perfectly suited to be an AAT dog….she loves people, especially kids and those in need of a little TLC. I am proud and touched that she has formed bonds with critically ill patients and seems to gravitate to those needing her unconditional love and carefree spirit.

For me it’s been a serendipitous 100% joyful experience. I’ve been lucky to meet folks from all walks and tales of life. In particular I have met WWII veterans who proudly tell me their life story, their experience in the war, their life afterwards and what is currently happening with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It’s an honor and privilege to sit with these veterans and members of the Greatest Generation.

I have worked with special needs youngsters who have touched my heart with their kindness and openness.

I’ve met the sweetest school children who have made me smile and laugh. If these little people are an example of what’s to come, I’d have to say that our future is bright.

Amy Taylor is a nutrition and health coach who lives in Marin County with her husband Jim and their rescue turned AAT dog, Pippa.