Phone number: 7818440431
Pet’s Location: Richmond, CA
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Lil Bit
Pet’s Breed: Husky mix
Pet’s Color: Tan/brown and white
Pet’s Weight/Size ~45lbs
Pet’s Age: 8 months
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Uncertain
About the animal:

We found Lil Bit wandering the streets in Berkeley. He is a 6-month-old pitsky (?) puppy who is scheduled to be neutered and microchipped on 6/18 (your adoption fee goes towards this). He has strikingly beautiful eyes!

He currently lives peacefully with a large dog, two cats, and two young kids. He became besties with my dog very quickly! Once you earn his trust, he is very loyal, affectionate, and playful.

He is very mellow and has a relaxed energy. He is good at respecting boundaries, making him a great companion for your dog(s). Easygoing and friendly, Lil Bit has pretty much won the hearts of everyone he has met.

He is housetrained (learned to ring a bell to go outside), great in the car, has excellent recall, very food motivated, a fast learner, and is learning tricks like sit, down, wait, and touch. We are working on his separation anxiety and crate training.

Lil Bit is a gem of a dog who will make a family very happy!